I’ve been doing my quilting for the last seven years in my one-bedroom apartment. Along one wall of the bedroom are a bookshelf for supplies, my excellent Brother machine in a custom extended SewEZ table and a sturdy steel table for cutting and pressing.

The problem has been the ironing pad on the table, which slips around and has curled-up edges., very annoying.

So I was thrilled to learn about a new product from Lucy Brennan at Charm about You. It is the QuiltMate silicone-backed ironing pad, which sticks firmly to the table surface. It comes in three sizes, a small one for pressing blocks or touch-ups, the medium, which I ordered, and the large, not yet available.

I ordered the medium three days ago from QuiltMate.com and it arrived this morning. As you can see, it is smaller, but still works very well for pressing WOF strips and my flimsy in progress.

I may order the large mat when it becomes available. Meanwhile, I can recommend it for anyone who needs a stable pressing surface. Thank you, Lucy.

I am one very happy quilter today and hope you all have had a good Quilting week.

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Shades of Turquoise

I’ve been thinking about making a wallhanging for a Challenge involving texture. Furthermore, my personal goal is to see how much texture I can produce using only regular quilting cottons.

I’ve had a bundle of fat quarters sitting around for at least five years. There are at least twenty of them in shades of aqua/turquoise. Before they start to disintegrate, this will put them to good use.

I worked with them for hours, attempting to narrow them down to a graded group of less than ten. I used the grey scale choice on my photo editing in order to work it out. After a lot of changes, this is the result.

It’s definitely not perfect, with the jump from lights to darks, however this was a good exercise in grey scale awareness and the importance of contrast.

So these are my final seven choices, looking a lot better in color, even though I had to mix green and blue tones to do it. There is plenty of time to revise my choices.

Of course this is a long way from a textured piece. More about that as I progress.

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With winter approaching and holidays coming up, I’m feeling a little stressed about deadlines. Dealing with my UFOs was my priority, so I went through a pile of 8-inch blocks that I’ve been collecting. This is my favorite size for piecing because I don’t like to work too small.

Several of the blocks are from a Rainbow Scrap Challenge several years ago.. I like them and plan to make a wallhanging with these four.

I began adding framing for the blocks, using white jellyroll strips.

However, for some unknown reason the 1/4-inch foot suddenly went off course, jamming the needle so that it broke. With this post needing to be written, for my own sanity I wisely decided to call it a night.

Here is how far I got on adding the block borders.

What would you have done? I’m in no mood to attempt replacing the needle (I have a plentiful supply on hand). I would much rather cry on your sympathetic shoulders, dear friends.

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Flowers in Winter

Not long ago I received an email from Mari, The Academic Quilter, offering me a group of floral fabrics. I was delighted by her kind gesture and even more so when I received her package. They are all color coordinated and so very pretty. They varied in size from,fat quarters to about a yard.

I wasn’t quite sure how to use them, so they sat where I could see them. Last week I was continuing my fabric purge and came across a group of 4-1/2 by 6-1/2 inch batiks from a fabric exchange at our Monona Quilters group. No idea how long they have been tucked away, at least a year. The colors blended very nicely with Mari’s fabrics.

This is how they looked after I stitched them into rows of seven for a some 42-inch strips. I plan to make a top by mixing both groups into a row quilt, one of my favorites. There will be plenty of extra pieces to make a coordinated backing. I have some 50×60 battings for the quilt.

An unexpected but very welcome project. I’ll keep you posted soon.

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Improve Challenge

This challenge has really been exciting for me, giving me a chance to be creative with what I have on hand. I’ve used fusing for the first time rather than appliqué. All the components are from former projects. The result is Shining Vista.

The first part was an 8-inch block I made for a monthly color series done in 2016.

I never did use these blocks for a quilt, one of many UFOs. The second piece was from a set of practice blocks for fusing.

These were just bits of batik strips fused to these crazy blocks with pinked edges. The one with the yellow and purple reminded me of a sunset, but I had no plans for it. I happened to set it down on top of the purple block and…that was exciting!

So when I was looking through my UFOs I knew this was the focal point I needed. The cream fabric was handy and I had enough to use for the top and backing. By the way, I’m on a year of no fabric buying and sticking to it.

For the side strips I used a reject from a project that I abandoned. It had the gradation from dark to light, but was much wider. So I cut two strips from that and used 2-1/2 inch strips for the top and bottom borders.

I fused the top and batting, which made it nice and firm. I used HeatnBond Light fusible.

I began by quilting the purple areas and added the directional lines, then used a tight zigzag to emphasize them. Today I finished the quilting. Deadlines really help.

I’m really happy with this improv challenge and being a part of the Endeavourers. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this exciting group. You can check out my blog, Paula B Quilts at paulabquilts.com.

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This week I made up my mind to go through a pile of UFOs in my closet. There is one in particular I can finish easily. I’m also measuring and labeling my yardage with a piece of masking tape so I don’t have to do it more than once.

I found what I thought was a large folded yellow printed batik. When I unfolded it I was amazed to find this 30-inch pieced top that I must have made back in the 1990’s

I made this from a pattern in a book called Strips that Sizzle by Margaret Miller. I had plans to make it quite a bit bigger by adding large navy triangles. Apparently I did not have enough yardage and was daunted by the thought of doing all that larger bias piecing, so it got folded in with the batik length and got buried.

When I resurrected it today it proved to be exactly what I needed without any added work. That’s a BIG plus. I have a small antique side table which has been covered with another top, an X block in summery Kaffe Fassett fabric.

In September I needed something to replace it, and now this top is the perfect answer. This is how it looks with its lovely old-new covering.

This is where my small Christmas tree sits every year. For the winter months I’m planning to make something in blue and white, but no snowmen.

But first I have a wallhanging deadline next week for the Endeavorers challenge.

What are you all working on now that we’ve finished the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors?

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Playing with Pink

With cloudy rainy days and night coming sooner, it’s nice to be working on a happy quilt. Our quilt guild will be collecting charity quilts this coming Monday, and I really don’t want to attend with nothing to contribute.

Some of the members bring bags full of quilts of all sizes. I’m just not as productive, mainly because my body starts to protest when I spend too much time at the machine. The fact that I spend lots of time with many of you by reading and commenting on the great things you’ve been doing may also be to blame. I love every minute of that.

Here’s where I was on my Project Linus quilt last week.

Well, I finally finished it today. I have a stash of several inexpensive 50×60-inch fleece blankets, on which I used the stitch and flip method. It was so easy to add multiple 40-inch strips of pink, along with strips of charm squares in blue to match the blue of the cute owls.

For the borders I used jellyroll strips. I’ve bought several rolls of those in white, black and red Bella by Moda. These strips have pinked edges, so there’s no fraying. I usually get them online from Missouri Star. They are so handy for any kind of patchwork. I’m finishing them with a zigzag stitched border.

As soon as I finish this I’m going to be working on my wallhanging for The Endeavourers Challenge due by November first.

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