Sew Cute Tuesday, December 8


When I saw dust on the thread about to go through the needle in my machine, I realized THIS IS A PROBLEM!  It was obviously being picked up when passing over the machine surfaces.  Occasional dusting would not take care of this.  I needed a machine cover NOW. 
I have enough going on without taking the time to stitch up a cute colorful cover.  What did I have on hand?  Lots of green type fabric grocery bags, taking up room that could be used for more stash.  After pawing through a pile of them, I found this larger black plastic fiber one.  The size worked, so with my kitchen shears (NOT my Ginghers) I cut it down to size and voila! It fits perfectly and only took one minute.  Not very colorful, so I will have to do something to deck it out.  Maybe Christmas lights?

I’m working on a secret gift now, so that’s it for now.  Have a good time quilting.

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