RSC16 week 15


Time to set sail again in the April colors.  Here is my little sloop with cheerful orange sails.  I’m carrying on a family tradition.  My Norwegian uncle used to buy sailboats at a bargain and restore them to good condition.  He had a workshop with an old heavy duty Singer where he made his own new sails. Of course his were not colorful, but they did the job well when we sailed off to Newport or Block Island for a day or a week.  
When it came time to make my April 16-patch block I took out the previous ones.  When I saw my February block with its wild orange colors and a bit of brown, I realized it was more  aptly an April block, so here is its return under a new name.

Well, that was the fastest RSC block I’ve ever made, but now I had to make a February one, so I really splurged on pink.

Yesterday when I took my garbage down to the basement I got a great find without having to dive in the dumpster.  This stack of drawers was sitting waiting for me to snatch it up and find a place for it in my ever-crowded studio/bedroom space.  Fabric was slowly (actually quickly) trying to take over the room like kudzu.  I’ve never seen the pesky vine but it’s the best analogy.  Here is the cabinet on arrival.

And here it is happily filled with fabric and making a big difference in my space.

It is now paired up with my previous dumpster reclamation, the blue stacked bins.  Now I can actually get in the room easily.  I like my Melody Johnson wall quilt sitting in front of my darker piece behind it because it makes Melody’s shine even brighter.

Speaking of shining, the first tiny daffodil popped open in our garden to make me smile.  Hope you are all enjoying spring or fall wherever you live.  

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RSC16 week 9


Why has the shortest month seemed like the longest?  I think the five Saturdays have had a lot to do with it, especially being Brown Month.  

However, I’ve managed to come up with a colorful ending for it.
My actual production this month has been mainly two RSC 9-inch blocks and four Modern HST Sampler 12-inch blocks, finished size.
Here is the fourth block for MHSQ, Stepping Stones, finished this week.

We had the choice of how to make the six HSTs. I chose to use the Easy Eight method with two blocks left over.  It is the fastest and easiest method and has two sides on grain.  I also picked up a couple of tips that made it faster, squaring the blocks before pressing them open and sliding the ruler to cut only one side.  Cutting one instead of four sides was a real time saver.   Those tips were found in other posts and I’m sorry I don’t recall where, so I cannot give them the credit they deserve.

Here are the six blocks total, involving lots of work, ripping and learning.  I guess the learning is worth the aggravation.

So for a change I have been working on some other projects.  
The first is an Easy Zippered Pouch, a tutorial at The Renegade Seamstress.  It is only 6 x 8 inches with a 7-inch zipper.  I found the zipper in my zipper stash. I’m sure everyone has one of those!  I found the scrap of brown for the outside and a fat quarter for the lining, and cut them out today, my last chance at brown.

The other project is 16-patches, which are 10.5 inches.  Two of them, the blue and the lime, resulted from not wanting to waste two experiments I was unhappy with.  

For my final brown block I wanted it bright.  No more dull colors for this rainbow gal, so here is my interpretation of brown with pizazz!

So let’s look forward with excitement to March and new colors and spring. (Thanks to WENDY for supplying us with flowers from her mum’s gorgeous garden in New Zealand this week.)

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