RSC15 week 29

Red month is here, so finally I can show my IPAD CARRYING BAG.    I made it about a year ago from a decorator fabric swatches giveaway at our quilt group.  I have a hard time holding heavy things, like the iPad case you can buy.  This is much lighter and can be used as a regular purse.  Each piece is made from a different sample, and each is lined to prevent fraying.  Notice the leopard lurking inside the pocket. I can carry my phone, keys, etc without scratching the iPad screen. Also it is reversible.

This bag serves me well.  I did not use a pattern, just made it to fit the iPad.  I love it, but am not inclined to make any more bags for now.
 I still have not gotten the balloon blocks done, but I DID FINISH Sarah’s birthday quilt.  Hooray!  Just in time for her birthday.  

RSC15 week 22


Mr. Green was very determined this week and so was I.  Despite a lot of distractions, I completed all of the red and orange blocks and most of the yellow ones.  I was anxious to see the dark green blocks, so I snuck in a few of them before working on the lime.  After four of the lime, the bobbin ran out late on Friday and I called it quits. Fortunately for Mr Green, he made it in his rightful place after all.
Oh, oh, I see from the photo that one of the blocks is going the wrong way, which is a good reminder to snap a photo before going too far and having to rip again.
I am running out of floor space, but lucky for me, the new color is light blue/greenish, which just happens to be my next color.  Looking forward to less pressure in June!

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