RSC15 week 30


This month has been momentous for me in my quilting journey.  In addition to doing my red balloon blocks, I finished my granddaughter’s quilt in time for her 14th birthday on the 17th.  It was the only bed sized quilt I have done since my first quilt for my daughter, Sarah’s mom, when she was 14.  That was before precuts, rotary strip cutting and mats.  I must have been crazy, or just innocent, to have done that first one.
  This rainbow zigzag quilt was Sarah’s choice, to match her room painted in rainbow colors and Beatles themes.   She made various choices along the way, even to the diagonal quilting done on my home machine.  
   On Monday she came to our Monona Quilters group and talked about her room.  She said that the quilt itself is the brightest thing in there.  She even took it with her to curl up beside her mom that evening.

For my red contribution to RSC15 I finished these red balloon blocks and have started on a couple of other projects.  One is a disappearing nine patch using charm squares, but softer colors.  The other is using the group of fat quarters I won in Cyndy’s giveaway, lovely modern patterns which will take me in a new direction. 

I enjoy linking with RSC15 and Sew Cute Tuesday each week, a and hope you will go see them.

Sew Cute Tuesday


I actually met my goal of making a quilt for my granddaughter for her 14th birthday on the 17th.  She helped plan this rainbow zigzag quilt for her bedroom painted in rainbow colors and featuring the Beatles.  With help from kind friends and my Monona Quilters group, it was finished last Thursday.  The back is brilliant yellow and bound in lime green. I machine quilted it in 8-inch diagonal squares on my home machine.  So glad it is done in only two months.  The only previous bed quilt I made was for Sarah’s mother when she was also 14, my first quilt made the hard way, before pre-cuts, rotary cutters and mats.   This was a breeze compared to a generation ago!

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Sew Cute Tuesday


I am finally at the end of my granddaughter’s birthday quilt, a zigzag rainbow.  She will be 14 tomorrow, loves the Beatles and has painted her room in rainbow colors.  I let her choose the design from a similar one on Pinterest.  The backing is the brightest Kona yellow I could find and the binding is lime green.  
This photo of the flimsy was taken at our Monona Quilters group, who then pinned it for me.  It is the biggest one I have ever made and I am thrilled with it, and so is Sarah.

I enjoy linking up here and on RSC15 with Angela.  

RSC15 week 28


Here is a recap of my RSC15 balloon blocks, which have not got the red yet.

The red blocks will have to wait until next week because I have been working hard for my deadline of the 17th for Sarah’s 14th birthday.  My quilt group helped by pinning it at our Monday meeting.  As you can see below, I am in the middle of quilting the zigzag rainbow 72 x 90 quilt, using my Huskystar with a 6-inch throat opening. 

Sarah has been helping with the design and chose the yellow back, Kona canary, which we both love.  She also suggested diagonal quilting, which has turned out to be the easiest choice with my machine.  I only have to squeeze the diagonal corner through on the longest runs.  The close ups show the 10-inch spaced quilting lines.  I used Warm and White batting after good advice.  I have to use large pins in order to get them open easily.  

It took only two hours to get half done and it went very smoothly with only one false start to rip out.  So I am very happy with my progress up to now.

SWT, rainbow quilt

I am making a quilt for my granddaughter who will be 14 in July.  She is a huge Beatles fan and has painted her room in rainbow colors.  So we decided on a zigzag rainbow quilt for her.  Last week I assembled all my rainbow fabrics and loved doing that.

 This is the beginning, with 21 red and and white 6.5 inch blocks.  It went really smoothly until I disciovered a tension problem, so I decided to blog instead; much less frustrating.  
She was excited to see this beginning to take place and I am glad to have a deadline.  Hopefully next week will be more productive.

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RSC15 week 20

Thanks to all of you for the consensus that a bright and dark green mix would look best with my balloons.  So UW, Wisconsin, and UW, Washington are no longer rivals but teammates!  I am very happy with how the blocks turned out.

This is a new project during the fun part.  My granddaughter will be 14 in July and is nuts about the Beatles.  She has painted her room in rainbow colors, so I will naturally make her a rainbow quilt.  I just loved digging out my fabrics and deciding to supplement a few low color spots.  Out came the old credit card and the new stash will be here soon. I love being a quilting grandma!