RSC17 week 41


Last week I pieced together my rainbow of strips which I decided not to make into a crayon quilt.  The strips made a colorful 40 X 40 inch top.  I used a fleece crib blanket for the backing and the binding.  
I finally finished it yesterday.

This will be one of my three Project Linus quilts which will be collected by our Monona Quilters guild in another week.
For pink this month I’ve made a Folded Box block.  Now I have a total of eight at 12 inches each.  My idea is to alternate them with Kona steel gray blocks for a modern setting.

  But for a top I will need about eight more blocks.   So I am going to make Churn Dash blocks in similar colors to add to the mix.  Maybe it will be for RSC18.  At least I have the plan made in advance.  

It’s satisfying to finish my projects this year, probably for the first year I’ve been in Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  This also keeps me looking for new ideas and new ways of doing things better by linking up with all of you talented people.  

Hope you all have a chance to work on some finishes this week, or at least make some progress on those WIPs.

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RSC17 week 17


TOP ONE:  I finished piecing my Summer quilt and showed it at the Monona Quilters meeting on Monday.  Some of the folks there had never seen a Kaffe Fassett quilt before.  It is 82 X 90 inches, so the entire top could not be in the photo, but everyone got an eyeful.

On Tuesday my friend Sue came over to pick it up and help me choose a quilting design.  I chose one with open circular swirls including some leaves and feathers.  The backing is light blue and white, so that should show the quilting very well. It should be finished by the end of May.  
TOP TWO:  I had some free time this week and wanted to work on a UFO.  I found my RSC16 16-patch blocks, which had been pieced with some added blocks to make 16.  That was last November.  But it was too small for a small child quilt. It needed 6 inches added all around to make it about 44 inches square.  

When I dug into the hidden areas of my stash I discovered a fleece blanket and some coordinating fabric. Monkeys and bananas, a combination only a child or a quilter could love.

There was enough fabric to do four side pieces of 6 inches, but not the corners.  What better corners than some 9-patch blocks! I whipped the whole thing together in no time.

Wow!  Another super bright flimsy waiting to be backed and finished for Project Linus.  I was even in time on Thursday to link up a post with Ad Hoc Improv Quilts for Kaya at Sew Slowly.  It really was improvised, not at all planned ahead.  
I hope you all had a good stitching week and know that this month of multicolored fabrics was a fun 
learning experience, as it was for me.  Thank you, Angela.
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RSC17 week 10


This week I got so excited when I read a post from Nell about some improv houses made the stack-and-whack  way.  She directed me to The Stash Bee, June Hive 9 tutorial.  Starting with four different 10-in squares, the cutting is done freehand.  In no time I had made a set of four wonky houses, which I love, love, love. 

Last night I made another set in reds for March RSC.

They finish at 8.5 inches square, which is a size I’ve used for 16-patch and improv blocks last year.  I plan on combining them with some blocks like that.  These don’t replace my 6.5-inch houses to go with my little boats.  Why do these projects keep mutiplying so fast?  
I also made my March crayon strip.  I’m including some rosy colors as well, not really pink.
On Monday I took my Farm Boy quilt to show at Monona Quilters.  Everyone liked the double-sided Project Linus quilt, especially here in Wisconsin with so many children living on or acquainted with farms.  

I also volunteered to make a neonatal flannel blanket that is already precut.  
My stack of Kaffe Fassett blocks for my Summer quilt is now up to 14 of the 30 needed.  This is the one I made this morning after pondering the choices overnight.  I love the roses, but the companion fabrics were harder to decide on.  When you get it right, it just sings to you.

Meanwhile I am in charge of our senior complex second Show and Tell Quilt Event.  Folks bring their family quilts and tell us the stories about them.  The one three years ago was a big success and the population here has changed, so there will be other quilts and stories.  My goal is to make people aware of the treasures they have and be able to pass them along to their families.
I hope each of you is able to make someone aware of our quilt gems this month.
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Sew Some Love, 3/8


This is a donation to Project Linus through my local quilt guild, Monona Quilters in WI.  I’ve been donating to Project Linus for three years. The guild has two charity collections a year, donating to many local charities such as the VA hospital, half way houses, NICU units at the UW Madison Childerns Hospital and others. They collected about 300 quilts last year from about 40-50 members.
This is the front, using a charm pack, Apple Hill Farm from RJR fabrics, plus jelly roll strips.  It is about 43 inches square.

The back is farm scene yardage from my stash, plus some jelly roll strips .
This is also going to the UW Madison hospital and will surely delight some child living in this farm country, who loves tractors and farm animals.  
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Kat and Cat Quilts

RSC 16 week 38


“My Baby’s Gone and Left Me”

Back in the 1980’s I tried lots of different quilting techniques.  Paper piecing had become very popular and one of our guild members in the Seattle area started manufacturing the precut pieces, a real step forward in English paper piecing.  This quilt was my only finished example of that work.
My daughter started college that year, so that was the inspiration for this picture of a child’s wood blocks scattered on the floor when she left. I found this piece of striped fabric for a color basis and appliquéd the blocks.  Then I hand quilted the vertical stripes and added lines for the block shadows.
The name seemed so appropriate and it has hung in my home ever since.  The only time she truly left us was to Ivory Coast, Africa for three months of volunteer nursing on board the Mrecy Ship.
We now live only a mile apart, but she has traveled much of the world in the past years.

The second significant quilt for me was my first Project Linus quilt.  I had joined the Monona Quilters group and was eager to take part in their biannual charity quilt collection.  

This Rail Fence was super easy with my new stash of jelly rolls.  I used a colorful fleece blanket. 50 X 60 inches, for backing.  I tied it, which was a mistake with fleece.  It fights back when you try to push that needle through.  But no batting was needed and the fleece was very inexpensive.  On the next one I used machine tacking, so much easier and no pliers needed!

Here is my latest block for Modern HST Sampler, Cross Angle, done in rose for RSC16.

I did not like the white center block it called for. So once again I searched for something more colorful.  I found the floral scrap stuffed in the bottom of a drawer.  It saved the day for me.  Once I get an idea of what I want I hang in there until I find a way to do it.  However, I’m not as persistent when it comes to perfect seams and matching corners.  It has to be fun and not work.  Don’t you agree?  Have a fun week! 

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RSC15 week 31


I was happy to learn that indigo is the color for August.  I collect antique quilts and am interested in learning about natural dyes used in the past.  Barbara Brackman’s excellent posts about old colors has been a great education for me.  I recommend checking out her blog, Civil War Quilts. (Sorry, I have not yet been able to link up with others on my posts.)  
  After hunting through my stash I found this group of indigo batiks. I like the playfulness of some, which will go well with my balloon blocks.

I think I’m becoming a real quilter.   All of a sudden I have three WIPs.  The photo below shows the first step in making blocks for a D9P.  It is a surprise for a friend, who truly deserves the comfort of a quilt.  I had some charm packs on hand and found out that these contain her favorite colors.

I am also helping another friend to design her own table runner, using a nice packet of Bali Snaps in her favorite colors.  I also have one Project Linus flimsy which needs to be backed and quilted.  So I am trying to put in some daily time on these projects, and I’m now looking forward to that each day.  One more thing is dreaming up a plan for a girl quilt using Cyndy’s giveaway fat quarters.
   Thanks to all of you for your hints, help and encouragement.  You are such a great bunch!
I link up here at RSC15 and at Sew Cute Tuesday.  

Sew Cute Tuesday, July 28


This quilt was originally intended to be a Project Linus quilt.  My good friend found out she was going to be a new grandma and wanted me to make her one just like it.  I told her I could never duplicate it, being a jelly roll random mix.  So I surprised her by finishing it in time for the birth of her darling granddaughter last Christmas.
   I tried out the 3 Dudes pattern to give it lots of movement and was very happy with the color mix. I backed it with a fleece kids’ blanket in pink with cupcakes and other sweets in the same colors.

 My next project is another girl quilt for Project Linus, which just needs to be backed and quilted.  Having this Sew Cute Tuesday spot to share my projects keeps me going.

SWT, first Project Linus quilt

This was the first of my Project Linus quilts, made in 2013.  I loved working with the colorful jelly roll strips and did a simple Rail Fence pattern to show them off.  

For the backing I bought a readymade fleece child’s blanket to back it, with no batting needed.  I simply tied it with perle cotton, but had to use pliers to pull the needle through the fleece…live and learn.  Since then I have made six Project Linus quilts for needy kids.

SCT, Project Linus boy quilt

Rushed to finish this Project Linus quilt in time for our Monona Quilters semiannual charity quilt collection.  Our 50 or so members contributed almost 200 quilts in 2014 to a number of local charities.

I really love the chance to make lighthearted colorful quilts for the kids in need.
The quilt is made with two Riley Blake charm packs, black Kona roll up, Jellyroll Fabrics border and binding and a fleece blanket for backing.