RSC17 week 40


It’s about time.  Pink is finally here.  Strangely, I don’t have much of a pink stash to choose from right now.  I just used quite a bit on my girl’s row quilt.  However, I must admit I did supplement my stash with a number of precuts, namely, an I Spy layer cake with lots of princess squares.  And I have been watching Smiles from Kate and drooling over her Alison Glass fabrics.  I dipped my toe in and ordered a charm pack, which just arrived.  Talk about brilliant colors, they really glow.  
Enough about buying fabrics.  My first pink project was two little houses to finish off my neighborhood.
I had to put the cat in one doorway.  This was followed by screeching and jumping from my pink monkeys bought at Quilt Expo.  So one of them literally swung from my ceiling fan and dropped into the other house (maybe a slight exaggeration).  
I’m very happy with the pair of them.  This did solve the jealousy problem for now.  

My main project now is our guild charity collection in two weeks.  I have two Project Linus quilts finished, but could not pass up the chance to add one more.   My crayon quilt without the points became a rainbow strip quilt instead,  I made the pink row and finished piecing the strips last night.  Although each strip had twenty 2.5 X 5 inch pieces, there was as much as two inches difference in width when I measured them.  I fiddled around until they all ended at 40 inches.  That included removing a piece from the longest row.   
Last week I had bought the cutest rainbow themed fleece blanket to back it.  They were on sale again at a lower price, $3.80 this week, so my daughter kindly bought me five more really cute kid fleeces.  I also ordered five crib size poly batting a from Connecting Threads during their 30% off sale.  So I have no excuse not to complete many more Project Linus quilts.  
I’m thankful for this productive week and hope you all had a chance to get some good pink projects underway.
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RSC week 35


This week was another profitable scrappy quilting time for me.  It began when I found two fleece blankets to use as backing for Project Linus quilts.  They had hidden behind piles of fabric for a couple of years.  Last week I made a Mile a Minute top to be used with the silly one.  Purple penguins go with anything, so it is pinned and ready to quilt.
That left the other fleece and I determined to use it right away.  Here it is with a few of the fabrics I chose for the top. 

I think the easiest top to make is a row quilt with no seams to match.  The pieces I chose had to be, for the most part, the full width of fabric.  I also joined a chain of charms for one row and in another I used some orphan 4-patch blocks.  It’s a girl quilt which will have the nice rosy fleece for backing.  

I was delayed a bit due to some dental work  but got it finished in a day.   I paired up two strips at a time and then measured the length.  I just did that until it was long enough, about 52 inches.  So this is my girl’s pink, blue and purple top ready to be pinned.  

I did not have a chance to even sort through and locate my orange bits for September’s challenge.  That will officially begin tomorrow and I’ll be back to making my usual monthly rainbow blocks.
The weather has definitely cooled off here, such a delight.  I do pray especially for the folks in Texas who survived Katrina only to have this second devastation.  So much loss!  And so many kind people doing what they can to help.  
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RSC17 week 34


I confess I did only two projects involving neutrals this month,  but one is a finished flimsy.   It’s been an exciting week for me, making and completing this Mile a Minute quilt top.  I loved every minute of it, putting all my scraps together and making a huge dent in my scrap box.
Since I follow RSC17 every month I’ve been in the habit of pulling pieces for each color in turn, then storing them away again.  But the little bits and odd color combinations were always hanging around forgotten.  So those pesky ones are exactly what I used.  And, as they say, if you cut fabric small enough it will fit right in.   
Here are close ups of a few of my favorite blocks.
This block includes snails, a car and some really wacky shapes.
My bananas have the spotlight here.
Some fruit and an upside down lacy heart – you can’t catch every mistake. 
Today I finished the sashing.  It is a thrill to use some of these unwanted neutral strips.  My friend cut them with her Go cutter, but did the entire batch of fabric by mistake.  And I almost never use 2-inch strips.  They worked perfectly here and the border will be the same.
For the backing I will be using a fleece with penguins and purple.  What could be better than that?  This will be for Project Linus at our Monona Quilters twice yearly charity quilt day.  They are a phenomenal group of motivated people.  Our collection in May brought in over 200, all for a variety of local charities.  My next one will be a row quilt for a little girl.  I already have the fleece and fabrics waiting.   
I hope you have all had a good scrappy week or other fun times.  Take a look at the scrappy projects I link with:
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OMG for July

This is a pair of Pinwheel Row quilts which have been WIPs for a long time.  I made some progress on getting backings made and getting them pinned ready for quilting. 

My OMG goal is to have them both machine quilted and bound by the end of July, so I don’t quit so close to the finish.  They are about 45 inches square and started with a giveaway of 92 HSTs left over from a project by Summer at Easy Quilter.  I turned them into six inch pinwheels and had enough to make two quilts.  The rest of the rows were just added as I had the fabric and thought up some uses, with lots of pinwheels jelly roll strips from stash.
Quilt number One:


Quilt number Two:

I’m making this goal for myself and for Project Linus which will be the recipient of these kids quilts.