Brave Quilter, October 2016


I started this twinkler block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge last January.  It definitely was a challenge for me.  The 60-degree triangles were new to me and every month but one involved ripping and redoing.
The small quilt that has given me the most headaches and frustration this year is finally a completed flimsy.  I am going to hang it on my wall and enjoy it as is.  After all, the goal of making it was to enjoy it, and I LOVE it.  

The border fabric was just there waiting for me, a half yard of sparkling night stars.  It was down in the bottom of a drawer and almost got overlooked.  Thank the Lord, He provided the exact amount I needed for this 4-inch wide border.  This width really balances the rest of the piece, any narrower would have been less effective.

The total size will be about 36″ finished.  I’m not even thinking about backing and binding yet.  I am enjoying it daily on my bedroom wall. 
It definitely qualifies for the Brave Quilter this month and I’m very thankful to Julie at   for running the Brave Quilter, which has inspired me to tackle new or difficult projects.

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Brave Quilter Challenge, June

I took this challenge to learn how to appliqué circles which represent balloons.  I completed the Balloon quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 15.   Here is the completed flimsie, December 2015

For the back I have yardage of a lovely turquoise shade and I want to have balloons being set free and ascending up, up and away.
I’ve never really done appliqué and have been afraid to try it, but the backing is sitting there waiting.  This month I read on some blogs about Lara Bucella!s brand new book Crafted Appliqué.  I don’t do hand stitching any more and this seemed like an answer to prayer.  
  At the same time I read about the Brave Quiter challenge for June at Pink Doxies and decided to enter to give me an incentive to complete this quilt back.  I ordered the book from Amazon and bought Mod Podge for fabric and some foam brushes at Hobby Lobby.  Yesterday I found a scrap of fabric to work with.  Here is my layout.

It was easy to apply the Mod Podge and smooth it out.  After drying, I cut out the circles of various sizes to test my luck with different stitches.

The results are very unimpressive.  But I did try the single stitch, the worst one, and the satin stitch possibly passable with practice.  I think the chicken tracks, or whatever they are, turned out the best.  It was the easiest to turn and hid glitches better.  The glue held the circles in place, however the edges came loose in a few places.  I pressed them again as recommended and that was an improvement.  No fabric was scorched in this test.
So I completed my goal to see if I could do the appliqué and that was a great incentive.  Big thanks to you, Julie.