MSQ Linky, February 2017

Thank you, Alyce, for giving us this chance to practice HST techniques.  I learned a great deal and feel more confident making them now.  Due to family circumstances I was unable to complete the entire set, but did complete twenty blocks.  Instead of a large quilt, I’m planning to use them for three or four smaller projects.

These are in better lighting and grouped by color.  


I’m already more confident and have jumped right into more HST projects.  Thanks again, Alyce.

Blossom Heart Quilts

RSC16 week 53


This past year was one of many monthly block projects.  Some were very fulfilling.  Others were good learning and practice opportunities.  As a result I did not have as much time and energy for doing entire quilt projects, except for my Project Linus kids quilts.  Plus, the last couple of months have been taken up with Bonnie Hunter’s El Porvence Mystery quilt, lots and lots of piecing.  That plus the use of an old loaner machine this month prevented me from doing anything beyond basics.  No FMQ, no quilting at all.
If this sounds like excuses, it is definitely not.  I’m proud of all the blocks I’ve made, whether or not they have become finishes.

This is how far I got on piecing together these forgotten blocks from years ago, found in my daughter’s attic.  I call it Arizona and it will be a wall hanging when finished.  I love the colors, which remind me of our visit to Phoenix and Sedona.

This is my favorite project from RSC16, my Twinkler wall hanging.  It was definitely in the frustrating but rewarding category and hangs in my bedroom as a flimsy.

Here is my Dog Park quilt when it was donated to Project Linus.  My previous post tells the story of its improv development.  It is one of my favorites.

 My two Pinwheel row quilts were also given to Project Linus.  They started when I received a giveaway of 92 HSTs, which I turned into pinwheel blocks.  I had enough for two quilts, adding rows of some pieced blocks and a lot of precuts.  The backs were made with the leftover fabrics.  Somehow I missed taking full pics of the finishes.

My 6-inch boat blocks continue to multiply and will end up bouncing on the waves in a row quilt.

The RSC16 monthly 16-patch blocks have had a few more added and are now a flimsy.
My 8-inch improv blocks have been the most rewarding project for me.  They are also RSC16 colors. I plan to set them on a grey background, sort of in gallery fashion.  Im definitely going to continue these and do more in this direction.

I took part in Modern HST Sampler with Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts   I completed 20 of the 24 12-inch blocks, two a  month.  This Folded Box was a substitute for one of those.  I love the 3-D effect and am going to do this one for RSC17.
Those are the highlights of a very enjoyable year with Angela.  I feel like Rainbow Scrap Challenge is my online neighborhood, with many dear friends.  I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and lots of quilting fun.
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RSC16 week 48


For the Modern HST Sampler third quarter Linky party I entered my photo of my finished blocks and was thrilled to win a random prize.  It was a $25 voucher from Gotham Quilts.  Last week I received my chosen gift of fat quarters, XOXO by Cotton and Steel.  These are lovely modern fabrics.
Last week I posted a photo of the very colorful charm block flimsy I just finished.  I had no plans for a backing until the XOXO fabric arrived.  Four of them were perfect for this quilt back.  I added a playful street scene, a half-yard piece from my stash.  Here was the perfect combination for this super bright top and backing.

My friend Laura, who is not really a quilter, is developing a good eye for color as we work together to take photos of my WIPs.  She has much steadier hands.  Here’s what we laid out last night down in our club room, my last minute change of mind.

The addition of the sashing and border will give a few extra inches on each side to make sure the sandwich will work.  So the entire backing was FREE and came just in time.  Thank you, Alyce, from 
Modern HST Sampler at  Blossom Heart Quilts
I went to Hobby Lobby this week for Warm and White batting, 40% off with coupon.  I also found the cutest cat fabric I’ve ever seen, also on sale.  I snapped up two yards, no project in mind, just to love for a while.  Bad photo, this is black on pure white.
  It was only about 4.50 a yard, so if you fall in instant love with these sweet faces, check at HL.  Coincidentally, I saw that Diann of Liitle Penguin had used the same fabric in one of her cross blocks. 
I had decided to do a row quilt with my little sailboats, so I was looking online for some fish fabric for them to sail on.  Did not like any, but HL had this really cute bolt, also on sale.  It’s perfect!

I might end up making more boats going the other way variety in the rows.  It should not take long.  So I am pleased that I’ve got plans for most of my RSC16 blocks and I’m working on other things as well.  Good thing to do in the short winter days. 
I hope everyone has a happy weekend doing what we all like best, fabric shopping.
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RSC16 week 44

Africa is always a hot place, so this portrays the end of a steamy jungle day.  The elephants are on their way to the watering hole for relief.  They love to swim or role in the mud.  Are you getting the picture?

This is my final RSC16 block for the year.  I was really stumped until I found the elephants.  But the sky pleces are my favorite part.  I already have a plan for my improv blocks as a modern quilt.


The Monona Quilters have a semiannual collection of quilts which are given to local charities in the Madison, WI area.  These were the 120 quilts collected from 40 of our members on Monday.  Added to the May collection, the yearly total was nearly 300 quilts.  They include neonatal flannels for the UW Madison Hospital, Project Linus quilts for sick or needy children, veteran quilts, halfway house bed quilts, lap quilts for nursing homes and other charities.  One member has made tactile quilts for the Wisconsin School for the Blind as well.  We are very proud of our generous members who donate their time and supplies for these many recipients.
Modern HST Sampler Third Quarter progress:  
Here are my third quarter blocks for Modern HST Sampler at Blossom Heart Quilts.  The total in December will be 24 and I hope to be very comfortable making HSTs by then, which has been the goal for this project.

Fall has a sense of winding down for me.  Of course, bears go into hibernation for the winter, but we quilters are just gearing up for big finishes, holiday projects and plenty of stitching time on all those WIPs which have been piling up. So have a fun productive week, everyone!
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RSC16 week 41


The yellow and orange Rainbow Scrap Challenge fall colors are fun to work with this month.  For the Modern HST Sampler this week I chose to do an alternate 12-inch block called Frolic, taken from Patchwork Square web site, which I used for my last Modern HST Sampler block.  The diagram shows a blank center spot, which I filled with the perfect fall leaf fabric, so I call it Fall Frolic.

Just looking at this block makes me feel so happy, remembering my father raking up piles of leaves for us to jump in, and then baking potatoes in the burning pile.  
My October boat is a sturdy one with a really solid-looking keel.  It can take being tossed around by a hurricane.  My uncle always rode out storms on his boat so it would not crash into a dock or be blown ashore.  He never lost any of his boats.

Here is another of my antique small quilts, probably made about the 1870’s to 1890’s.  It is sturdy and in good condition.  The outer border is a four-color print of a paisley type.  It could have been used for a hot pad.

Tonight we are going to finally have weater in the forties, which should bring out the leaf colors at last.
May all of you have good quilting time this week and perhaps meet a goal or two.  I will be linking up at the following blogs.  Please join me to see all the excellent quilt projects.
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RSC16 week 35


It’s so nice to be able to breathe fresh air and feel a bit of a cool breeze now and then.  All you eager quilters are working on Christmas projects, but not me.  I feel a lull in my spirit and am waiting for September..
So I wound down on my purple completely.  My last block for the month was my improv and I decided go for black and white, but two bits of color did slip in there; however, they did feel right.  

Actually, the pointed bits of blue and black were from a piece that showed up in my scraps and I knew it would find a place someday.  I used just half of the width here, because my block size is limited to 8-1/2 inches.  The other half will have to wait, but I hate to part with all of this fine bit of piecing that some talented person made.
My second block this month for Modern HST Sampler was the Whirligig, 12-1/2 inches.  When I laid out some of my blocks, one did not seem to have a mate to help it blend in for a sampler.  It’s my beachy cabana block from June. 

So  I gave it a bright companion in Whirligig colors and now they make me happy, one last bit of summer.  It reminds me of carnival rides and parades.
Finally, my group of 16-patch blocks at the halfway point:

I have been stocking up on more sale fabrics, mainly solids, which will never go out of style; at least that’s what I tell myself.  So that’s all for now, friends.  See you in September.
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