RSC17 week 8


One of my RSC17 iprojects is to make is little houses.  I’ve  looked and looked for an easy pattern in the size I can use with other blocks.  February came along and still no house plans.  I was looking through my WIPs pile and saw my collection of small sailboats, 6.5 inches square. I made a small fleet of them last year.
One of the boats happened to be upside down and, voila!  The hull turned into a roof.

Here was the plan for my own little house!   It’s very simple, made with 2.5 inch strips and two flip triangles.  Since it was already aqua month, I quickly made two scrappy aqua houses.
Because they were so easy I made two purple ones for January also.

I don’t know how many I will make each month.  I might make a row quilt with the boats and the houses.  Another WIP but not until the fall.
My really exciting project is a quilt for myself.  I’ve been using the one I made for my son Chris, but it is has poly batting and will be too warm for summer.  The one I’ve been using is a Lone Star quilt from the 1930’s, practically in shreds by now.  In fact I don’t dare wash it for fear of ripping it entirely.  
  You all know how I love color.  I’ve been buying Kaffe Fasset precuts on sale for a long time with no plans, just loving his use of color.  Now I have plenty to make a full size quilt.  I want to feature the large florals and even the geometric ones.  So I designed a 16-inch block using precuts and only five seams.  I’ve been making a block every day because I’m so excited about putting the fabrics together. It’s a challenge because he uses no neutrals except in a very minor role.  So brightness of the hues matched up is Important.  All the blocks have the same color placement so it is not a random thing.
Made by 🌟Collage
Here are four more I’ve finished.
And one more, probably my favorite until the next one.
You can see the orange border on two sides, the yellow charm square in the upper right, the 10″ square and the two 5×10 blocks to blend in.  I only need 30 blocks and am working on the tenth already.  It is such a satisfying project that I just can’t stop doing it.  If my apartment neighbors were deaf I would be stitching all night long.
I am going to treat myself for my May birthday to getting it long armed using Dream thin cotton batting and I’ll have the hottest quilt in town.  
Best wishes to all of you using your aqua scraps for a few more days.  Please join me in checking out the other fun posts at
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