RSC15 week 12, goldens

Back-to-front Linus quilts…that’s how I design them.  I first buy 50 x 60 fleece blankets with colorful themes.  I’ve been lucky to get them at a great sale price, $2.88 each, and have several on hand.  I also look for sales of pre-cuts online, because I can’t get to stores very often.

The challenge for me, and the part I like best, is choosing the pattern and colors to go with the fleece backing.  I often make up my own pattern, which has to fit within the backing size. 

For this one, number six, I found two lively compatible charm packs which bring out the colors and action I wanted.  The key for me is using large enough pieces to show off the fabric pictures.   This time the four patch does it and all 20 squares are done.  I am thinking of using black sashing.  A border will depend on the overall size.  

The due date for Monona Quilters charity colection is the end of May and I expect to have two quilts to hand in.

Another surprise in the mail today, this darling mug rug made especially for me by a dear friend in WA.  It just shouts “spring” to me. How did she know about yellow for March?