RSC week 42


This has been a very nice week for me with a few surprises.  First, my daughter, who is a nurse, stopped by yesterday and brought me a Subway sandwich, yum yum.  Then, when I was showing her the three Project Linus quilts I had finished for Monday’s guild charity collection, she asked if she could give one to a special friend.  This is a young woman with a debilitating condition, getting weaker all the time.  Beth is part of her support group.  She and her mother both love quilts.  Of course, I was thrilled to give my quilt to a person who is sick and will appreciate it.  
She will be getting my Mile a Minute quilt, with Beth proudly showing it off.
Today I received a post from Kat at   She posted photos of a top I donated to her charity Covered In Love.  She had it finished and it will be donated to the family of a terminally ill patient at the hospital in Texas where Kat works.  I was delighted to see the backing and quilting done by Meloney, another volunteer.  Here is my photo of the blocks in progress.

As for pink, I did also manage to finish my two pink Geese Migration blocks.

The week flew by and that’s all I got done in quilting The Rainbow quilt and piecing the geese.  I am looking forward to seeing all of your scrappy doings at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

RSC17 week 20


This week has been a fun sewing time.  I got to make two of my favorite monthly scrap blocks.  The weather has been up and down, more conducive for working in my “studio”.  This includes half of my bedroom for sewing and storing overflow of fabrics, kitchen floor for photos and living room table for blogging on my poor worn out iPad.  
Tomorrow I will be the owner of a new iPad Air, in gold no less, which my SIL Tim tells me I will really like.  He ordered it from the Apple website refurbished warranted selection at a great price.  Sarah will be helping me to get it set up.  I’m holding my breath in anticipation.  No more long waits or other annoying happenings.  
The Geese Migration blocks were more of a challenge this time with green.  I tried to make one lighter and one darker without going into the olive tones (too dull).  So some fabrics show up in both blocks.

Lots of monkey business and hootinlg owls hanging around made them lively.
My time was taken up with my kitchen floor being replaced.  Believe it or not, a crack in the vinyl turned  into a 7-inch pothole.  So the fridge and stove had to be removed and stowed in the hallway.  I was very impressed with the quality of the work the installer did.  But instead of off white tiles, the new floor is ugly, stupid-looking brown shades of pretend wood scraps. As long as they were making a photo vinyl, they could at least have made it attractive.  It even came with built-in scuff marks!  You will be seeing glimpses of it in the future.
Back to the sewing.  I finished the two green houses.  Lots of contrast and cute inhabitants kept the fun going for me.


This is my last post on old faithful iPad.  Maybe I will be doing amazing things with the new one, but I doubt it.  I will be checking out your posts tomorrow while I wait until Sunday for the new one to be set up.
Wishing you all a fun sewing-filled week.
Hope to see you, dear friends, when you visit 
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RSC17 week 14


What a change this month.  It’s not as simple as I thought to work out a good piece using multicolored fabrics.  First of all, I can’t do a crayon this month.  All the wax colors would mush together into muddy brown, not very exciting.  
My project for this week was two Geese Migration blocks.  But how do you make them noticeably different?  My solution was grouping them by dark and strong versus lighter and paler.  The starting point was a dark midnight blue with dull gold dots.  That made the sky for the first group of geese, and strong, bright color mixes were easy to find.

As you can see, within that range I was able to grade the geese from light to dark.
The daylight block was trickier.  I finally chose a sandy beach fabric for the triangles.  Apparently the geese decided to take a break and relax in the sun.  Here the squares are softer also.
I had a busy week otherwise, so all that I got done was my Summer quilt blocks 21 and 22.  It’s getting more difficult to find combinations I haven’t used before.  That’s where photo records come in handy.  But Kaffe Fassett hasn’t let me down yet.  

We still have very few flowers in bloom, so I’m happy to be working with all these fun multis.  Can’t wait to see what all of you have come up with this week.
Wishing all of you a lovely springtime.
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RSC17 week 6


This week was really fun for me working with aqua, since it is my favorite color.  Last week I just barely got any done at all, but here is the finished block.  A couple of smart quilters knew which block I had shown partially finished.

Now you all know it, the Folded Box block, my current favorite.
I got busy with my Geese Migration blocks for February and worked out a really streamlined process.  I cut all the pieces first, then arranged and rearranged both blocks before any stitching.  It was very easy to piece them.  For the flip triangles I folded and pressed the blocks on the diagonal, very easy and accurate to stitch on the rectangles.
Here are the lighter aqua and the darker turquoise blocks.  The shades and tints were much easier to place than the January purple blocks.

I’m also working on finishing a couple more Project Linus quilts, plenty to keep me busy.  One is my top made of my RSC16 16-patch blocks. I added another block to finish the square and need to make it a bit bigger by adding more 4-patches or borders.  
I found a bright red and white child’s print in my stash for the backing, perfect for this I Spy quilt.
The temperature hit 40 degrees today and I went grocery shopping, a lovely end to the week.  I’m anxious to see what all the rest of you did with this lovely color this week.
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