RSC15 week 48


Last weekend I worked myself silly (as in making stupid mistakes) to meet two deadlines on Monday.  But I DID IT!  I finished two nearly identical table runners as thank you gifts for two very generous women, because the design spoke to me of Thanksgiving.

These were my Fruits and Veggies runners made with fabrics from the giveaway table at our quilt group meetings.  My friends were both delighted with their gifts and also really loved the backing/binding, an African theme fabric.  I quilted the panels in two diagonal crosses, simple but easy
 So now I was able to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving.  I hope you folks in the States all had a blessed day as well.
Now back to lime green.  For my balloon block sashing I ordered some lovely lime blender, a remnant of 2.5 yards, from Jelly Roll Quilts, and it just arrived today, one of several purchases I’m expecting.
Meanwhile I have laid out a sample block of my first choice for RSC16 with these 2.5 inch squares.

I have wanted to do wonky stars for a long time and recently I saw my favorite version on Deb’s blog at VT Quilter.  I’m thinking of doing it in batiks, because their range of colors is so varied.  There are a couple of other patterns I’m also considering.  It’s going to be an exciting year!
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Sew Cute Tuesday, November 24


This weekend I finally completed my matched pair of Fruits and Veggies table runners.  I started out with giveaway fabric pieces and added gold sashing strips.  The piece was so wide that I cut the whole thing in half lengthwise to make two table runners.  That was posted on Sew Cute Tuesday Nov. 3.

Then I realized that I knew of two lovely women who deserved a thank you gift for Thanksgiving. So I scrounged through my stash and found a yards-long valence with an African motif in fall colors.  It was also wide enough to use for backing and binding. 
Even the batting for both was made from leftovers.  Recently in one of my online shopping sprees I had bought a 1.5-inch wide roll of Heat Press Batting Together, which worked beautifully on the Warm and White pieces. 
I worked like crazy over the past few days to get them done for yesterday’s giveaways.  Both friends were really surprised and delighted beyond my expectations.  

Best wishes to all you dear friends for a very blessed Thanksgiving.
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Sew Cute Tuesday, November 3


On the giveaway table at our quilt group I found these strips of fruits and veggies fabric, already cut about 8 inches by WOF.  I cut the harvest gold strips to finish at 1.5 inches.  My first idea was a tablecloth, but it would have to be bigger.  So why not two table runners?  


I plan to do a 2-inch gold border, but they will be too wide for table runners, I think.  As pictured, they are 19 inches.  Should I cut them narrower?  I look at pics of table runner patterns and they vary in width.  I’m thinking of cutting off about 3 or 4 inches from each.
  I plan to give one as a thank you to the dear person who finished hand quilting this Amish style quilt I could not finish for my son before he died in April. Now I love having it on my bed and snuggling under it.  This photo was taken of us when she returned it to me at our meeting.

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Sew Cute Tuesday, Eat Healthy

At our Monona Quilters meeting last week I picked up a pile of similar pieces from the giveaway table.  When I got home I realized that they were all WOF and had an idea for an easy strip quilt. So I laid out the strips at half width to try them out and just look at some of the assorted produce!


I think that strips of the gold fabric will set them off nicely.  My friend and I were wondering who would want such a fruit and vegetable quilt.   Just then a delivery man came to the door and said he sure would like it!  No accounting for taste, so I will put this together when I am able to find the right gold fabric.

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