En Provence Link-up 2


This week has been nothing but piecing.  One project, the En Provence mystery quilt for Bonnie Hunter, has been ridiculously slow going.  I was waiting for my friend to cut the strips I needed.  Even going at half size for the project it still was a huge amount of 4-patches.  Today, Friday, my grand total was about a dozen 4-patch blocks.  Here is the big layout!

On the other hand part two is going better, with one big hitch.

Last Monday my Huskystar machine left for a luxurious spa treatment.  Fortunately, my quilter friend in our building loaned me this vintage machine, which she was given for free last week, an extra for her.  Since it was crowding out her dining area, it came to stay with me for a while.  It is a 1961 Kenmore.  Coincidentally, my first machine was a 1964 Kenmore.  Guess that makes me vintage also.

For you sewing machine lovers, here it is,  a Tri-Span 88, model 88, automatic zig-zag with cams to insert for decorative stitches.

As you see, it has a cabinet and has a knee lever control behind the door.  And here it is in all it’s shiny metal glory, looking very mid century modern.

So now the challenge is to try it out, just piecing for now.  I’m eager to get going on an endless amount of block piecing, if it cooperates.  The was a bobbin case problem.  UPDATE:  My daughter came over and got the machine working fine.  Now I can do some more finishing work and piece some of those En Provence blocks that I have been cutting, and cutting and cutting.  

Yesterday I dug in and cut the entire amount of magenta pieces and several neutral pieces.  Fortunately I had the Tri Rec rulers from the RSC16 Twinkler stars.  The piecing is a little bit tricky until you get the hang of it.  So this morning I got a start by piecing two blocks, but the rest of the day is busy with errands. At least I have something to show.

Now my feeling of being overwhelmed has lifted.  I took advice from some of you dear friends and relaxed.  I’m not feeling overwhelmed, but an actual mystery participant.
Have a good week everyone, get those blocks done, but don’t beat yourself up the way I did.

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