RSC16 week 19


This little paper basket filled with some Hershey Kisses was hanging on my door early in the morning of May 1st.  Some kind person makes these for all 60 apartments in our senior housing every year. I’ve been here five years and this unknown stranger never forgets.
I have done very little quilting this week, but have treated myself outrageously.  Here is the sum total of my work this week.

Due to unexpected happenings I got only this little sailboat made.  The other two green fabrics have been cut for the Modern HST Sampler block which I hope will be done by next week.  The dark print is from Barbara Brackman’s William Morris collection. 
I think spring fever has gotten to me with tulips, magnolias and crab apples in bloom.
Also, because my birthday ending in a 5 came yesterday I simply had to do some online shopping at those convenient Mother’s Day sales.  
This wild bunch arrived from Hancock’s of Paducah first.  The one on the right is Mexican Poppies and the other three are from another designer, so fabulous on black.  I’ve no idea what I’ll use them for, just to gaze at and dream for a while.  All half price, of course.

That was followed by the arrival of this pack of 17 fat quarters from Connecting Threads, for about 24 dollars.  They sure are better than candy and yummier looking, aren’t they?

The final saving opportunity (splurge) were two gift certificates pour moi at Missouri Star’s one day sale   price.  Also my granddaughter called to ask what kind of cake I like best for birthday/Mother’s Day.  She is becoming an excellent baker and dark chocolate is her favorite as well as mine.
I hope you all have a happy Mother’s Day for yourself and/or your mothers or other wonderful mothers you know.
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Blossom Heart Quilts, Home Time, May 3

There are two items I completed this year for my family.

The first was a Zigzag Rainbow quilt for my granddaughter Sarah’s fourteenth birthday last July.  She was a new Beattles fan and chose a rainbow for her room.  Here she was presenting it at our quilt group show and tell.  I loved making something she enjoys so much.

My second choice was a table runner made for my daughter for her Christmas dinner.

This was a kit from Connecring Threads, the first kit I had ever made.  For backing I used a reclaimed valence with an African feel.  I bound it with the same stripe.  This meant a lot to Beth because she had spent time in Ivory Coast as a nurse on the Mercy Ship, assisting in surgeries on people who had no other hope for their severe disfigurements.  

I machine quilted it and it looked elegant on her Christmas table.

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Blossom Heart Quilts, May 3


My first project this month was the Modern HST Sampler block called Pointed, which I managed to muddle through, having troubles with matching seams.

For the eight HSTs in orange I used a different method called The Eight Square Method by Honey Bear Lane on Pinterest.  You end up with straight grain on two sides and only the diagonal on the bias.  I don’t want to mess around with stretchy edges and it is easy to do.  
This was the second Modern HST Sampler block for May, so again I used the colors for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in orange with brown or black.  

This block was titled Intersection, using 16 HSTs.  I did not like the pattern arrangement when done in my fabrics, so I just moved them around to get this block.  I don’t know if it has a name.  If any of you know it, I would appreciate you telling me.  All you quilt history buffs and Dear Jane followers must know hundreds of them. 

I’m really enjoying this Modern HST Sampler challenge and am becoming more confident with them, which is my goal.

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RSC 16 week 13


This week has been a happy time for me with my piecing.  I made the latest Modern HST Sampler block, Formation.  I stayed with straight purple for the simple block, although it looks more like navy here.

So I completed the blocks for this month.  I’m trying to keep to the more modern look for this set of blocks.

The most fun I had this week was building a boat.  I had seen Gayle’s tiny boat and then Sue’s larger two-masted version, both so cute I had to make one.  Since I work with lots of 2.5-inch strips, I designed my own 6.5-inch boat block, in March colors of course.  It only took ten minutes to make it, using flip triangles for the boat shape and some HSTs I already had on hand.

The only problem with these little boats is that, like potato chips, you can’t have just one.  So I made two more in January and February colors, but I know it won’t stop there.  Sailing has been in my blood since I sailed with my Norwegian uncle in RI waters as a girl.  I love the silence except for the sound of the rushing water and also love the rough seas.  I sure do miss the ocean here in Wisconsin.

The other fun time I had was making another 16-patch block because I had not done a blue one that I liked.  The first one was just plain dull.

I tried to make this blue one as colorful as my other 16p blocks, which is trickier with blue and purple.
I was really happy with the result.  Now I have several more slab blocks to catch up, plus my Dog Park quilt and that is coming along well.
I hope each of you had a satisfying Quilty week.  I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts. Check them out to see what everyone is up to.

RSC16 week 11


Despite a week busy with constant distractions, I did get a few things done.  One was pulling fabrics and then more fabrics.  I’m starting to have piles of pulled fabrics cluttering my work space.  But they are all so special!  
We received another Modern HST Sampler pattern, the Mountain.  There was a special fat quarter I knew that I wanted to use.  After looking everywhere at least twice with no luck, it finally showed up in the very bottom of a box. Hallelujah!  

The special fabric is the middle one with twinkling stars and flowers, my touch of yellow.
My other touch of yellow was this pot of mini daffodils. My son Chris bought me a pot every year, so a friend got them for me in remembrance of Chris.

Update on my zipper pouch:  A good friend came by the other day and had a tough time hunting in her huge purse.  She loved the little pouch and I gave it to her.  She quickly filled it and went away happy and better organized.
Today I looked at the calendar and realized it is only two months until our quilt group charity collection and I have nothing to donate.  So more fabrics came out.  Fortunately I have a fleece blanket with dog motifs waiting to be used.  In my stash I also found doggie fabric on green, at least a yard.  A row quilt is so easy to make, so I laid out the idea below.

When I added the border of cars the name was obvious, Dog Park.  It won’t be as long as the other ones I’ve made, probably more of a square.  No purple, but who knows what the color will be for May?
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Sew Cute Tuesday bonus post

My favorite quilt was made about 25 years ago.  I was trying to get the effect of light shining through stained glass.  I call it Shekinah, the light of God’s presence in our midst.

The other effect I worked on was fading out to the edges, which involved lots of time at the design wall, testing out each triangle to make crosses and stars based on the color arrangements.

I machine quilted it in one week for a show deadline.  It now has the place of honor in my small apartment. I enjoy seeing it every day.
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RSC16 week 9


Why has the shortest month seemed like the longest?  I think the five Saturdays have had a lot to do with it, especially being Brown Month.  

However, I’ve managed to come up with a colorful ending for it.
My actual production this month has been mainly two RSC 9-inch blocks and four Modern HST Sampler 12-inch blocks, finished size.
Here is the fourth block for MHSQ, Stepping Stones, finished this week.

We had the choice of how to make the six HSTs. I chose to use the Easy Eight method with two blocks left over.  It is the fastest and easiest method and has two sides on grain.  I also picked up a couple of tips that made it faster, squaring the blocks before pressing them open and sliding the ruler to cut only one side.  Cutting one instead of four sides was a real time saver.   Those tips were found in other posts and I’m sorry I don’t recall where, so I cannot give them the credit they deserve.

Here are the six blocks total, involving lots of work, ripping and learning.  I guess the learning is worth the aggravation.

So for a change I have been working on some other projects.  
The first is an Easy Zippered Pouch, a tutorial at The Renegade Seamstress.  It is only 6 x 8 inches with a 7-inch zipper.  I found the zipper in my zipper stash. I’m sure everyone has one of those!  I found the scrap of brown for the outside and a fat quarter for the lining, and cut them out today, my last chance at brown.

The other project is 16-patches, which are 10.5 inches.  Two of them, the blue and the lime, resulted from not wanting to waste two experiments I was unhappy with.  

For my final brown block I wanted it bright.  No more dull colors for this rainbow gal, so here is my interpretation of brown with pizazz!

So let’s look forward with excitement to March and new colors and spring. (Thanks to WENDY for supplying us with flowers from her mum’s gorgeous garden in New Zealand this week.)

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