RSC week 40


Brown has finally turned up for our Rainbow Scrap Challenge, a month I have been dreading.  I have been wondering how to combine it with my bright primary balloon blocks, while brown is a mix of other colors. So I dug deep into my batik stash to try to find some brown pieces that would work well with them.  I’m still not sure what to do.
Here are three different groups of fabrics to consider.
1.  These are more or less dull brown tones, but there is a pretty good range from dark to light.

2.  This group is brighter and busier overall.

3.  This final group is softer, not as bright, but stronger in saturation.

So I will be thinking about this for awhile.  Any thoughts? 
    Meanwhile, I am working with a fun group of veggie and fruit fabrics, all WOF, and golden yellow strips to separate them.  This photo was before I trimmed the width to 7-1/2 inches, essentially a row design.  I love these prints that came from the group giveaway table.
Finally, one more photo as a clue to my posts on Throwback Thursday.  I hope that you

Will have a chance to check out my blog itself for Throwback Thursday on Sept. 24 and Oct.1 to see what these little men are up to.  It is a three part suspense story, so take a look.
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RSC15 week 33


Well, I finally got around to my balloon blocks this week.  I hated cutting into those lovely batiks.  Of course, I ran into problems.  I measured the long pieces too short, so had to cut new ones, further depleting my prescious stash.  So now I have indigo scraps.  My scrap and crumb piles seem to be growing fast.  It must be the summer weather. Anyway, here are my three indigo blocks.

You can’t see it, but even the darkest strips have a printed pattern.  A couple of the short ones had to be fussy cut and ended up with bits of orange and yellow blobs on the ends.  
Anther project, my butterfly quilt, is coming along well.  I have six of the ten strips pieced together, and the bigger it grows the better I like it.

I’m also starting on a veggie and fruit quilt, very easy because they are all WOF.  I got all the pieces from our group’s giveaway table.  Have ordered some Harvest gold fabric for the solid strips and border.  I think it is going to be a tablecloth or picnic throw.  This is just a layout of the fabrics before cutting.  I think I see some indigo or purple in there.

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RSC15 week 26

NEWS FLASH!   Flock of pink flamingos spotted in Wisconsin senior living complex, nibbling on whatever is in the garden.  This is the third year these intrepid fliers have ventured to this very spot.  Some residents are suspicious that pranksters are at work.  However, they do bring lovely color to the garden and seem happy to remain, so no charges will be made at this time.


My balloon blocks are not challenging like the star blocks that Angela has suggested each month.  But this Rainbow Challenge has meant so much to me in other ways, like the discipline of a post deadline each week.  The posting has taught me so much about blogging, with lots of frustration included, but having success with them is great. (Not right now, since I just accidentally deleted the final draft of this post and am redoing it.) 
However, the best thing has been meeting so many wonderful, talented and giving people.  Each one of you has given me something, especially Angela.  So many, many thanks and blessing to all.

Here are my 18 blocks, which I am enjoying so much.  I plan to make at least one Project Linus quilt when finished, and have just come across a fleece blanket a possible backing. What do you think?

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RSC15 week 24

I am very happy with my June balloon blocks, not only mixing light blue and aqua, but also finding a couple of “cloud” prints to include.  Now those balloons are definitely flying high!

I also finished all the green and the aqua blocks for my Zigzag rainbow quilt and am now working on blues, from light all the way to dark, with some starry skies thrown in.
Speaking of blue, I have also been finding more resources for info on antique quilts, on blogs like Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Quilts, and also on Pinterest.  I have pretty definitly dated my scrappy medallion quilt as 1840-1865.  What a thrill. Here is a closeup of some of the borders containing Prussian blue, typical of the period.

especially like the Prussian blue flower on white near the top center.  The quilt has been well used and laundered, but that is part of its charm for me.  I like it to give old quilts a good home.
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RSC15 week 20

Thanks to all of you for the consensus that a bright and dark green mix would look best with my balloons.  So UW, Wisconsin, and UW, Washington are no longer rivals but teammates!  I am very happy with how the blocks turned out.

This is a new project during the fun part.  My granddaughter will be 14 in July and is nuts about the Beatles.  She has painted her room in rainbow colors, so I will naturally make her a rainbow quilt.  I just loved digging out my fabrics and deciding to supplement a few low color spots.  Out came the old credit card and the new stash will be here soon. I love being a quilting grandma!

RSC15 week 18

Now it is May, so I got out my “Christmasy” greens to start.  But I felt that maybe they were too bright and overpoweried the balloons.  So I scrounged up some darker greens to mix in and am wondering if that mix will be better.  What do you think?  Maybe all my years in the Pacific Northwest have given me a love for the dark evergreens.  I do miss them here in the Midwest.

HERE IS A HINT:  Another bit of green.  I use a very inexpensive gardening glove with gripper dots on the fingers and palms for steady gripping.  It works well while maneuvering a large quilt for stitching or free motion work.  As you can tell, this one has been used and washed, but is easy to slip on and off.

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RSC15 week 15

Up, up and away…I feel like flying with my balloons.  After a rough week of family illness, it is so satisfying to finish something pretty.  Everyone is on the mend, even sweet Popper, but she has turned into a fussy cat turning up her nose at this food and that.

Actually, I did not notice the purple balloons in the blocks until I started hunting for the border strips!  I was lucky to find good fabrics to complement them. Purple is gorgeous!