RSC17 week 5


It began with a lull between purple and blue-green.  I suddenly remembered that our Monona Quilters charity quilt collection is in May and I had nothing planned for donation.  Then I came across a charm pack which I had essentially gotten for no cost, with a baby quilt in mind, Apple Hill Farm from RJR Fabrics.  It is cute and as colorful as a rainbow.
The easiest and fastest way I have found is to make a row quilt.  I found some strips with other toy vehicles for a boy.  Now I have lots of tractors, cows, pigs and apple trees.  I needed something bright to blend all these together.  Here is the result.

Now began the piecing.  Fortunately all the strips came out to about 42 inches across and the math (ugh) showed that the length would be the same.

I had enough charms and seven toy strips, three for the top and four for binding.  I had to cut the green  fabric and did not trust my rotary blade.  The pattern happens to be 2-1/2 inches wide, so I cut  it with my sharpest scissors, eight strips with plenty left over.  I pieced the whole top, finishing late last night.  I’m calling it Farm Boy. 

Yes, it was worth the aching arms and neck I awoke with today.  I’ve been gathering my blue-green and have a big supply.  This morning I was able to cut my block pieces, but other things took up my time, like getting photos of my Farm Boy quilt and making a casserole for a few days of healthy eating.  I should not, MUST NOT live on chocolate alone.  

As for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, the entire result before I started this post was all you see here, 1/3 of my block.  Do you recognize it?  
So that is the total of my week five quilting.  I hope to get more done with my favorite color next week after a little rest, while checking your posts and Pinterest for more ideas.  I’m dying to see what all of you have done this week.
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