RSC 16 week 47

This has been a week of unusual events and some nice surprises.  First of all, I linked up with A Trunkful of Quilts at WHIMS AND FANCIES and have met some talented quilters showing off their favorite pieces in this online trunk show.  You can still link up for yourself.
Second, my sewing machine has been in need of an overhaul for far longer than I will admit.  With the BOMs done for now this is a good time to be without it.  I’ve made arrangements for the servicing and have been pushing to get some flimsies done before then.
Today I finally finished a WIP waiting since July.  My granddaughter and her visiting French friend came by to visit then, and I handed them two charm packs plus extras so they could lay them out on the floor.  They had fun and it looked good.  We put the blocks in order and I tucked them away.  Of course, other projects got in the way.  So here is the top, finished and photographed a few hours ago. No plans for this yet.
  I showed the top to a quilting friend.  She had good news also.  She had been given a free machine in a cabinet.  It is a 1961 Kenmore.  She offered to lend it to me when I need it.  It will be a blast from the past, because my first machine was a 1964 Kenmore bought the year I got married.  In fact, I secretly made my husband pajamas for our first Christmas because he had none.  He wore them once, then informed me that he always slept in his underwear.  The new bride had a lot to learn! 
Last week I asked my quilting friends to help me choose from two setting for my 16-patch quilt.
With black sashing and black border:  

No sashing, but a bright yellow border:  

We decided on the second, which is more childlike rather than the black, which is lovely but more like stained glass.  Maybe the next one will be stained glass, an effect I just love.
In short, this week I finished a colorful flimsie, choose the direction for my 16-patch and also God provided me with a spare machine just when I need it.  A very good week!
I wish you all in the USA a  very blessed Thanksgiving Day, and blessings on all my other dear friends.
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RSC16 week 45


Our autumn weather here in WI has been Indian Summer weather.  As the trees change color and the leaves fall, I have noticed something.  The last leaves hanging on the trees seem more colorful than any before.  I stared for minutes at an orange-yellow mix on a maple.  The color was so intense it soaked into my spirit.  The only thing approaching it in my small world is batik fabric with light shining through. But “Only God can make a tree.”  
I needed an extra 16-patch block to make my idea of a medallion quilt using my RSC collection.  So I mixed the brightest orange in my stash with turquoise, a very happy combination.

That is my farewell to orange for this year, which has been a very good one for my quilting endeavors.
I asked advice from Mari at the Academic Quilter for the center block, because she has done wonderful large blocks with excellent tutorials.  I wanted a 16-inch block in a star pattern.  Mari kindly found a lovely pattern, which she enlarged to 16 inches for me and included complete directions.  Thanks so much, Mari.  P.S.  Thanks also, Mari, for previewing this photo and pointing out that the top left 4-patch is turned in the wrong direction.  At least no ripping will happen tomorrow if I’m careful.

The pattern she sent me used red and blue.  I made the backing pure white for a patriotic star and easily got it to this design floor stage, using Magic 8 HSTs, squares and rectangles.  Most pieces came from my jelly roll strips.  
Now is the hard part, deciding how to enlarge it and include the twelve blocks in RSC colors.  This is my first medallion quilt, so anything goes at this point, trial and error.  That is the frustrating but fun part, designing within the limits of the sizes and colors.  Stay tuned.
This sweet little Sunbonner Sue is definitely a minimalist version, 4-1/2 by 6 inches.

The quilt is done in that odd 1930’s green, with the dress printed with daisies.  Both fabrics have faded.  The simple quilted squares are stitched in matching green thread, which has remained darker on the back.  
The binding is machine stitched onto the front and hand stitched on the back.  This tiny treasure is in great condition.
With the beginning of November we start to feel the pressure of holidays coming up and so much to do.  I hope we can all make good choices this year to prevent getting stressed out or sick.  I must remember that friends and family are most important and they deserve my love and attention.  One gift more or less does not matter as much as the hugs and warm smiles.  
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RSC16 week 24


I grew up in Rhode Island where salt water was the defining element of summer.  When I was just a toddler my father took me into the shallow bay waters where I loved spashing and paddling around him.  Later on I went to the ocean beaches near my relatives’ homes.  I learned how to dive through the breakers and float on the calm surface father out. I took my share of tumbles of course, but I would spend hours in the water. No sunning on the sand for me.  I went sailing on my uncle’s 30 to 40-foot boats, the happiest place on earth for me.
When I moved to the West Coast after college I loved the beauty of the long deserted beaches, tall cliffs and tide pools teeming with sea creatures.  Collecting shells and driftwood was a new hobby.
So this month’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors bring to mind all those happy moments.  Here is my fleet of 6-inch one-masted sloop blocks like Uncle Charlie’s succession of them.

The Modern HST Sampler block this week makes me think of warm Florida waters and beach umbrellas.

Here is my 16-patch block for the month, aqua and lime tones like cool drinks at a seaside restaurant.

 Don’t know how the fox got in there so close to the henhouse, probably while we were watching the fireworks.
Recently I’ve ordered some very fun charm packs and lovely solids, which will make a very easy leader/ender Project Linus quilt.

That looks like enough color for this week.  I hope all of you have a good time playing with your colors this week.  I link up with RSC16 at   soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts

RSC16 week 20


Happy, happy springtime!  A friend picked me a little bouquet of lilies of the valley, my favorite flower with such a delicate fragrance.  I can enjoy it every time I pass by.  And out on my deck a little house finch is perched on the railing, singing his heart out.  Bird songs are very special to me also.
Here is my May RSC16 16-patch block with a happy dancing bear just out of hibernation.

I chose green also for my Modern HST Sampler block Diagonal.  I have some beautiful green prints from Barbara Brackman’s William Morris Jewels collection.  Since this one is a floral I also chose a lime green tone-on-tone floral to give a springtime effect.

My next WIP is the pinwheel row quilt I started last year.  To use more of the fun fabrics I had gathered I made this braid strip.  It was too short so this week I added a couple more strips and trimmed it all up.

The highlight of the week was Monday.  Our Monona Quilters group of about 50 members here in WI  held our semiannual charity quilt collection.  A total of 172 quilts of all sizes were collected for local charities such as Project Linus, a local veterans group, homeless transition housing and others.  Here are the quilts before we posed with them for photos.

I’m very proud to be a member of this active and generous group which meets weekly for show and tell.  They give a lot of encouragement and support to all the members.   We also have a giveaway table after the meeting where we can find many goodies and many of these reject fabrics are turned into lovely charity quilts.

I linked up with Rainbow Scrap Challenge at 

soscrappy   and Blossom Heart Quilts at Blossom Heart Quilts  

RSC 16 week 13


This week has been a happy time for me with my piecing.  I made the latest Modern HST Sampler block, Formation.  I stayed with straight purple for the simple block, although it looks more like navy here.

So I completed the blocks for this month.  I’m trying to keep to the more modern look for this set of blocks.

The most fun I had this week was building a boat.  I had seen Gayle’s tiny boat and then Sue’s larger two-masted version, both so cute I had to make one.  Since I work with lots of 2.5-inch strips, I designed my own 6.5-inch boat block, in March colors of course.  It only took ten minutes to make it, using flip triangles for the boat shape and some HSTs I already had on hand.

The only problem with these little boats is that, like potato chips, you can’t have just one.  So I made two more in January and February colors, but I know it won’t stop there.  Sailing has been in my blood since I sailed with my Norwegian uncle in RI waters as a girl.  I love the silence except for the sound of the rushing water and also love the rough seas.  I sure do miss the ocean here in Wisconsin.

The other fun time I had was making another 16-patch block because I had not done a blue one that I liked.  The first one was just plain dull.

I tried to make this blue one as colorful as my other 16p blocks, which is trickier with blue and purple.
I was really happy with the result.  Now I have several more slab blocks to catch up, plus my Dog Park quilt and that is coming along well.
I hope each of you had a satisfying Quilty week.  I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts. Check them out to see what everyone is up to.