RSC17 week 17


TOP ONE:  I finished piecing my Summer quilt and showed it at the Monona Quilters meeting on Monday.  Some of the folks there had never seen a Kaffe Fassett quilt before.  It is 82 X 90 inches, so the entire top could not be in the photo, but everyone got an eyeful.

On Tuesday my friend Sue came over to pick it up and help me choose a quilting design.  I chose one with open circular swirls including some leaves and feathers.  The backing is light blue and white, so that should show the quilting very well. It should be finished by the end of May.  
TOP TWO:  I had some free time this week and wanted to work on a UFO.  I found my RSC16 16-patch blocks, which had been pieced with some added blocks to make 16.  That was last November.  But it was too small for a small child quilt. It needed 6 inches added all around to make it about 44 inches square.  

When I dug into the hidden areas of my stash I discovered a fleece blanket and some coordinating fabric. Monkeys and bananas, a combination only a child or a quilter could love.

There was enough fabric to do four side pieces of 6 inches, but not the corners.  What better corners than some 9-patch blocks! I whipped the whole thing together in no time.

Wow!  Another super bright flimsy waiting to be backed and finished for Project Linus.  I was even in time on Thursday to link up a post with Ad Hoc Improv Quilts for Kaya at Sew Slowly.  It really was improvised, not at all planned ahead.  
I hope you all had a good stitching week and know that this month of multicolored fabrics was a fun 
learning experience, as it was for me.  Thank you, Angela.
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AIHC Challenge, April 27

I started the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2016 by making, among other things, a 16-patch block using the colors of the month supplied by Angela at soscrappy.  They were a mix of two colors each month, such as pink and brown, purple and blue.  I had no thought for any use of them when they were done.  
These were the first four blocks through April, 2016.  My only goal was to make them as colorful and playful as I could.

By August I had nine blocks, nice but not enough to use by themselves.

The tenth color was black and neutrals, which I chose to skip.  Instead, in October I decided to make more muticolored blocks and ended up with these.

I certainly had lots of color but no purpose in mind.  So they just got stuck down in a pile of UFOs untiil last week.  I had some free time and, while browsing through my stash, I found this fleece blanket with monkeys and bananas.  It was designated for a Project Linus quilt backing and at one point I had bought some banana fabric to go with it.   How many people buy banana fabric?  Only us crazy quilters.  

I only needed to add about 6 inches all around to make a little child quilt.  What better than monkeys and bananas?  The finishing touch was the 9-patch corner blocks and one flimsy finished this morning.

Is it colorful enough?  I really love it, an improv to donate to Project Linus on May 8.   In fact, I guess it also counts toward AHIQ goal two because it has two different sizes of blocks  However, I already have some blocks in mind for that goal, so just count it as an extra improv and a UFO finish.

Thanks, Kaya and Ann, for running this challenge.  I’ll be back next month for sure.  Come check out the Ad Hoc Improv Quilts doings at  Kaya’s blog,  Sew Slowly, or Ann’s blog, Fret Not Yourself

RSC17 week 6


This week was really fun for me working with aqua, since it is my favorite color.  Last week I just barely got any done at all, but here is the finished block.  A couple of smart quilters knew which block I had shown partially finished.

Now you all know it, the Folded Box block, my current favorite.
I got busy with my Geese Migration blocks for February and worked out a really streamlined process.  I cut all the pieces first, then arranged and rearranged both blocks before any stitching.  It was very easy to piece them.  For the flip triangles I folded and pressed the blocks on the diagonal, very easy and accurate to stitch on the rectangles.
Here are the lighter aqua and the darker turquoise blocks.  The shades and tints were much easier to place than the January purple blocks.

I’m also working on finishing a couple more Project Linus quilts, plenty to keep me busy.  One is my top made of my RSC16 16-patch blocks. I added another block to finish the square and need to make it a bit bigger by adding more 4-patches or borders.  
I found a bright red and white child’s print in my stash for the backing, perfect for this I Spy quilt.
The temperature hit 40 degrees today and I went grocery shopping, a lovely end to the week.  I’m anxious to see what all the rest of you did with this lovely color this week.
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RSC16 week 35


It’s so nice to be able to breathe fresh air and feel a bit of a cool breeze now and then.  All you eager quilters are working on Christmas projects, but not me.  I feel a lull in my spirit and am waiting for September..
So I wound down on my purple completely.  My last block for the month was my improv and I decided go for black and white, but two bits of color did slip in there; however, they did feel right.  

Actually, the pointed bits of blue and black were from a piece that showed up in my scraps and I knew it would find a place someday.  I used just half of the width here, because my block size is limited to 8-1/2 inches.  The other half will have to wait, but I hate to part with all of this fine bit of piecing that some talented person made.
My second block this month for Modern HST Sampler was the Whirligig, 12-1/2 inches.  When I laid out some of my blocks, one did not seem to have a mate to help it blend in for a sampler.  It’s my beachy cabana block from June. 

So  I gave it a bright companion in Whirligig colors and now they make me happy, one last bit of summer.  It reminds me of carnival rides and parades.
Finally, my group of 16-patch blocks at the halfway point:

I have been stocking up on more sale fabrics, mainly solids, which will never go out of style; at least that’s what I tell myself.  So that’s all for now, friends.  See you in September.
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