RSC16 week 42


When I started to think about a tenth and final Twinkler block for October, I realized I did not need one. My simple format was just the blocks and a border, for a wall hanging.  I have the nine blocks already for a 3 by 3 setting.  Here’s how they look on the design  floor.

I’m very happy with this arrangement and have even found the exact amount needed for a perfect border.  
I also completed my tenth 16-patch block at 8 inches finished.  The fall colors were a joy to work with, especially because the trees are turning color quickly now.


The darker colors represent the large amount of rainfall we’ve had, usually coming with lots of lightening and thunder.  It’s a good way to end this RSC16 collection.  
I still have my last improv block to finish, also the same size.  It’s going to take some experimenting with layouts, whether to use them separate or together. I’m just now thinking of perhaps alternating bright solids, which I’ve been collecting  (splurging on) lately.  I’ll be taking lots of photos of the design process along the way.
Going back in time there was a little girl……
And a sweet petite doll quilt, sitting just where the little girl left it on her antique chair.  Her mama said the chair was her grandma’s when she was a little girl during the Civil War.  So off she went to find her dolly to wrap it up nice and warm.  The dolly was made by her father out of a clothespin, so this tiny 6-inch quilt is just the right size for her.  The little squares are 5/8 ” each.  It is hand pieced and quilted.  The backing is some sturdy upholstery fabric, probably no need for batting.  The fabrics would seem to date it in the 1930’s.
 I am enjoying sharing these special old quilts with all of you.  I hope you like them because I have quite a few more.
Happy October, everyone.  I hope you will check out these wonderful links to see what fine work everyone is doing.
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RSC16 week 39


I have had a lot of fun this week and reached a goal as well.
My 16-patch block in Rose was easy to make, with plenty of great scraps to use.  It did not even make a dent in the pile.  I was surprised to find just the right touches of gold for variety.

Meanwhile I received the next Modern HST Sampler block, which did not please me at all.  So I decided to substitute another 12-inch block.  I found a great source at PATCHWORK SQUARE, a collection of free block patterns.  It is well organized and I found the 12-inch blocks, all alphabetized with lovely fabric choices in the diagrams.  As I scrolled through them I liked Aunt Suckey’s Choice, Blueberry Pie and a surprise, Folded Corners block, which I have seen on Pinterest with other names like Folded Box.  I’ve been thinking  about making it for months because of the wonderful 3-D effect.  The PDF instructions include three size versions and excellent diagrams.  
I have to give credit for my inspiration here to Julie in GA, who does these blocks so beautifully.

Since I am showing some of my vintage small quilts, here is just a simple potholder, most likely an orphan  block.  It is backed in green plaid, with thick batting and crudely quilted in the ditch.  Very serviceable, but I have it tacked up on my kitchen wall to enjoy daily.

That completes my September blocks except for the improv block.  I was so excited about doing the Folded Corners block that I put everything else aside until next week.
So I hope to see all of your lovely September goodies at Rainbow Scrap Challenge  and wish you all good health.

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RSC16 week 33


In the hot weather it’s slower going for me.  I’d much rather take a nap.  But I did get several things done for August already.
My first RSC16 block is my sailboat, actually a sloop like one my uncle owned until he upgraded to a schooner.  The sloops have only a single mast, but often fly the mainsail and a jib.  In my purple stash I found a very rich regal purple.  It had to have equally regal golden sails for its important owner.

My 16-patch block resulted in a good range of dark to light purples.  The exact definition of purple eludes me, so I include some red violet hues as well for variety.
My Twinkler star block just called out for the lovely floral at its center, even though I had to cut the fabric in half just to get the best piece.  
Oh well, now I have more scraps and a bit less yardage.  I always like to fussy cut as close to the edge of a stash piece as possible.  This one, however, was worth the sacrifice.
For my improv block I’m trying out black, gray and whites this month.  I’ve never worked with this combination so it’s going to be interesting.  I’ve seen some excellent examples of b/w used by some terrific quilters, so I might as well stick my toe in the water.
This past Monday I went to my quilt group to show my finished pair of  Pinwheel Row quilts.  Both will probably end up as Project Linus quilts, but maybe I’ll hang one on my bedroom wall to enjoy for a while.
I hope all of you are doing okay in this hot weather.  Keep cool by quilting!
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RSC16 week 28


With the hot weather upon us, using these watermelon colors seems to be keeping me cool, at least in my mind.  The luscious colors are really dripping with cool.  
Each month I seem to be starting off with my sailboats because, truthfully, they are the fastest to make.   This is one where I found the HSTs already made from some other project, so it almost felt like cheating.  On the other hand I don’t have a Parts Deptartment full of orphan blocks, like Magpie Sue’s.  

I really had a good time making this 16-patch block.  My scrap box of rose, pink and lime is not very full this month, so I dithered around until I came across a bunch of polka dot pink charm squares.  I’ve never been fond of them, but for this block they made it so playful I could not resist.  I think it’s now my favorite 16-patch.

These dots also remind me of watermelon seeds, the little white ones.  I even found some wonky green melons.

This week I also entered the OMG July Monthly goal at Red Letter Quilts, which is to quilt and bind my two Pinwheel Row quilts.  So that is my major undertaking for now.  I’m using my walking foot to do a mix of straight and wavy lines (It’s not always clear which is which.)  

For my Twinkler star I found some gorgeous flowers like the full blown rose, so that will be my focal point.  

My wish for all of you dear friends is a fun and satisfying week, whatever that includes.

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RSC16 week 15


Time to set sail again in the April colors.  Here is my little sloop with cheerful orange sails.  I’m carrying on a family tradition.  My Norwegian uncle used to buy sailboats at a bargain and restore them to good condition.  He had a workshop with an old heavy duty Singer where he made his own new sails. Of course his were not colorful, but they did the job well when we sailed off to Newport or Block Island for a day or a week.  
When it came time to make my April 16-patch block I took out the previous ones.  When I saw my February block with its wild orange colors and a bit of brown, I realized it was more  aptly an April block, so here is its return under a new name.

Well, that was the fastest RSC block I’ve ever made, but now I had to make a February one, so I really splurged on pink.

Yesterday when I took my garbage down to the basement I got a great find without having to dive in the dumpster.  This stack of drawers was sitting waiting for me to snatch it up and find a place for it in my ever-crowded studio/bedroom space.  Fabric was slowly (actually quickly) trying to take over the room like kudzu.  I’ve never seen the pesky vine but it’s the best analogy.  Here is the cabinet on arrival.

And here it is happily filled with fabric and making a big difference in my space.

It is now paired up with my previous dumpster reclamation, the blue stacked bins.  Now I can actually get in the room easily.  I like my Melody Johnson wall quilt sitting in front of my darker piece behind it because it makes Melody’s shine even brighter.

Speaking of shining, the first tiny daffodil popped open in our garden to make me smile.  Hope you are all enjoying spring or fall wherever you live.  

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RSC16 week 10


I’ve been so excited about the March colors that I dug through all my scraps, strips, bits and pieces to find things to work with.  Having them all sorted by color made it an easier job.

Since I don’t have a block in mind for this month, I decided to use the crumbs and scraps first.  It took me a lo-o-ong time to trim and square them.  I decided to continue making 16-patch blocks. Also, I love Joy’s slab blocks (The Joyful Quilter).  She kindly gave me hints about how to construct them.   

Time has flown this week and my shoulder does not like the damp cold weather.  But working with these cheerful fabrics has been so much fun that it brightened my days.  Sometimes I just sit and stare at them, so-called deep thinking.  But the more I look the better I can tell what looks right for my style. Yes, now that I am the Rainbow Gal I have a direction and a focus, which really is exciting. (I keep my official rainbow cape hidden away during the day, but at night who knows?
So here is my work for this week, one partially stitched 16-p and the start of a slab block, both to be 8 inches finished.

Oops, I forgot one thing, my first ever Easy Zippered Pouch, a tutorial at The Renegade Seamstress.  It is only 6 x 8 inches with a 7-inch zipper.  I found the zipper in my zipper stash. I’m sure everyone has one of those!  I found the scrap of brown for the outside and a fat quarter for the lining, and cut them out, one last chance at brown.  The directions were good, but somehow I ended up with one brown outside out and one yellow lining print outside.  Ah well, I really wanted a reversible pouch, right?

I do like it and plan to make more.  It is a good size to stick in a bigger purse, nice for gifts.  Not such a bad week after all.

I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Modern HST Sampler at Blossom Heart Quilts.  See what other folks have been doing in March.