Playing with Pink

With cloudy rainy days and night coming sooner, it’s nice to be working on a happy quilt. Our quilt guild will be collecting charity quilts this coming Monday, and I really don’t want to attend with nothing to contribute.

Some of the members bring bags full of quilts of all sizes. I’m just not as productive, mainly because my body starts to protest when I spend too much time at the machine. The fact that I spend lots of time with many of you by reading and commenting on the great things you’ve been doing may also be to blame. I love every minute of that.

Here’s where I was on my Project Linus quilt last week.

Well, I finally finished it today. I have a stash of several inexpensive 50×60-inch fleece blankets, on which I used the stitch and flip method. It was so easy to add multiple 40-inch strips of pink, along with strips of charm squares in blue to match the blue of the cute owls.

For the borders I used jellyroll strips. I’ve bought several rolls of those in white, black and red Bella by Moda. These strips have pinked edges, so there’s no fraying. I usually get them online from Missouri Star. They are so handy for any kind of patchwork. I’m finishing them with a zigzag stitched border.

As soon as I finish this I’m going to be working on my wallhanging for The Endeavourers Challenge due by November first.

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An Enigma

This week I’ve been working on an idea that arose when I tried fusing a few weeks ago, using Heat n Bond Light. I’ve decided to use fusing as a way to carry out an idea I’ve had about a doorway. I’ve used Pinterest to collect photos of ancient doors or windows into unknown places. Here is a photo of an unknown ruin of some sort.

This really has air of mystery, a doorway into the unknown.

My design is centered on a view into a shining golden vista, leading to a place of promise.

This is my starting point, to fuse these layers into a gateway of beauty.

It’s only a start of a wallhanging for a secret project. I will show the finish in a few weeks. Meanwhile, take a peek at other quilt happenings.

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Charity Quilt Time

Our Monona Quilters guild is having a collection of charity Quilts coming up soon. (Why do I always wait until the last minute?) I seem to have been chasing squirrels, but have nothing to show for it.

I have some odd WOF pieces which have been sitting in my stash, such as these pink prints of indeterminate age.

In addition, I need to work on using those pesky charm squares. How could I not see the piles of them reproducing in my stash. Apparently the stash is getting nervous about being nibbled away. Here goes, some blue squares are coming out of hiding.

The quickest and easiest solution will be to make a Project Linus quilt because I have a number of fleece blankets which were bought on sale several years ago.

Here’s the pink and blue one I will use. It’s so easy to flip and stitch the strips, especially because of the 50 x 60 inch size. I marked a line to position the strips, which I trimmed to 41 inches. Then I will add a border to cover the edges and bind it.

I love the cute little owls in the snow. This should not take long using the walking foot. I’ve never had any problems with puckering. I’m going to sign up for the One Monthly Goal linkup at Elm Street Quilts to make sure I finish in time for the charity collection.

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Just Color

This week I’ve been playing some more, this time with colors. I have three projects in mind. So it’s time to select some colors to work with, my favorite part of the quilt making process.

After several years of buying lots of precuts online, I’m now trying to find ways to use these as well as yardage. I have all my charm squares sorted by color. I have a much larger number of red squares than any other. So I decided to use them and the first thing that came to mind was red, white and blue.

To make the charms more useable, I pieced them into strips of four and added a half charm to each strip, then paired them with dark blues.

I’m thinking that these could be made up into a lap quilt. Will have to work with added whites and maybe a panel for a Quilt of Valor.

This next group of fat quarters has been hiding on the back of a shelf. It would be fun to make something in gradations.

Finally,I am thinking about a challenge wall hanging and using contrast to set a mood.

Does this look mysterious to you? Perhaps I’ll use fusing to construct this one.

Anyway, I’ve definitely got plenty to work on for awhile. I will keep you updated. This lovely cool weather is really invigorating. Hoping to see fall colors once we get some frost around here, which could be this week.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be checking out all the Quilting progress and

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Cool at Last

Looking back at my latest posts, I realized that I’ve not shown any current progress. Could it be because there has been none? Now that fall weather really has arrived I feel energized to get things done.

One thing I have enjoyed is making some 8-inch improv blocks to complete a set that began as Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks, ones I’ve really liked. So I added a new one this week, having a desire to complete a set of nine blocks. I wanted to feature the large floral strip as well as adding some batiks and Kaffe Fassett scraps.

Each block of the set will be probably framed in white and set on a grey background.

I’m still playing with the block placement, but I’m pleased with the way the RSC blocks work with the improvs. And I did include some dark blue pieces for the RSC18 September Challenge.

I hope you all enjoying comfortable weather but still getting stitching done. Have a look at the links below for some more great quilt news.

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My First Quilt

No, this was not the first quilt I made, but the first one I ever had. I grew up in New England, where quilts were not part of my background. In fact, I don’t remember ever seeing one until I moved to California. I was collecting antique silver, like pieces I had inherited. I saw a teapot in a shop window and went in. There was a quilt draped over a chair. I loved the rose-colored flowers, which matched my bedroom colors, and the price of $35 was right so I bought it.

So I took it home and put it through the wash !!! I thought it might be old, perhaps from the 1930’s. I used it on our bed while we had a baby and a litter of kittens.

I started researching to find out more about it. From clues in the quilt and Quilters Newsletter I found that it was a variations of Harrison Rose, named for William Henry Harrison, a military hero, who died after one month in office in 1841. This dates it from about the 1840’s. A hundred years older! So no more kids and cats on it.

Here you can see the rose, orange and green popular in Baltimore Album Quilts. The binding may have been replaced later because it is the Turkey red of post Civil War.

This view shows the damage to the red caused by the mordants used in the dyeing process, while the other colors are not affected.

Here you see hearts in the Quilting. These hearts were found in quilts made for brides, probably by family and friends.

Since I bought it in California, I like to think that it came overland in a covered wagon with newlyweds during the Gold Rush. I really cherish it and my love of antique quilts and Quilting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into our heritage as women moving forward.

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