Paula Budinger

I’m sorry to have to share that my mom Paula passed away on Saturday February 8, 2020 after a short, unexpected illness. She was comfortable and I was with her. Her obituary will is posted on the Gunderson Funeral site. Your memories of her are welcome here on this blog. I will also attempt to share some of her full and interesting life.

Her quilting community here meant so much to her, and gave her an ongoing purpose throughout these last years. Thank you for your friendship to her and interest in what she loved.


Beth Budinger Fahlberg

32 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. I am so sorry to hear that. I was wondering if something had gone wrong because she had been sharing her quilts every week with interesting and historical information. I will miss her. What a sweet person she was. Thank you so much for reaching out to her online friends. May God comfort you in this time of sorrow.


  2. What a shock, I am so sorry!

    Paula had reached out to me so graciously in the last few years – she thought that from things I wrote about in my blog I would be interested in textiles that she wanted to pass on. She sent me absolute treasures. I was touched by her generosity to someone she knew only from the online community.

    I also enjoyed seeing her posts on her projects and hearing her “voice” in her descriptions. I will miss her too!


  3. glaphacox

    Sorry about your loss. I made a comment on her blog. Probably the first comment I ever made on a quilting blog. She responded and asked about me. I am not sure I responded but I appreciated her reaching out to me.


  4. My deepest condolences on the loss of your Mom. Paula was always such a supportive and kind quilter, leaving enthusiastic comments on many other blogs. I loved her sense of color and design in her own work. She was generous, too, giving away her lovely finished pieces. I’ll miss her. May she rest in peace.


  5. I am so sorry for your loss, Beth. It is our loss too. Whenever I needed advice about how to proceed on something your mom was always willing to give advice and suggestions. Although we never met, I considered her a kindred spirit. She will be missed.


  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. She was so kind and encouraging. It was always a delight to see what project she was working on. I will miss her. Thank you for letting us know. May you find peace and comfort in the days to come.


  7. jobutterz

    I am so sorry to hear this. My heart and thoughts are with you knowing how hard it is for you at this time. Your mum will be missed.. xxxxx


  8. I am so sorry to read this. I was part of a quilt group along with your Mum and really appreciated her lovely enthusiasm and her kind, thoughtful and encouraging comments. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to make contact with her as a fellow quilter across the atlantic.


  9. smilesfromkate

    I am so sad to hear of your loss. Paula was my friend, we spoke on the phone every few weeks and I will miss her. Paula was such a wonderful person, kind, considerate, and always thinking of others. She was a good quilter, with a wonderful eye for colour too. There was an ocean between us and we never met in person, but such was the woman that she has influenced my life. Paula is a great loss to the quilting community.


    1. Sorry to hear of your mother’s passing, Beth. Sending quilty hugs to comfort you and your family. Paula’s interesting quilt history posts were always informative and her design style was quite her own. She was always happy to be learning new techniques and sharing her own knowledge of quilting. Paula and I spoke on the phone after connecting here on the blog, as a result of our participation in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I will miss her regular contributions to the quilt blogging community.


  10. This is sad news for everyone. I only knew Paula for a short time through her blog. I’ll miss sharing thoughts with her. I’m so sorry you lost your mom all too soon and so quickly.
    xx, Carol DeLater


  11. So sorry to read about Paula’s passing. I was part of an online group with your mum and enjoyed very much her posts, learning about her pieces and the thoughts she shared and am grateful for generosity sharing online with us. My condolences to you and your family.


  12. catkiz

    Oh, this is so sad. My heart and sincere condolences go out to you and your family. Paula hadn’t posted much recently, so I wrote to her earlier this month before we left on vacation. Now I know why.

    Paula and I talked on the phone several times over the last couple years, and I loved hearing her chat about her life and her quilts. She was such a sharp and interesting friend. And she was a generous quilter who gave of her time and resources to charities through her local group. She will be missed there as well as in our online groups. xo


  13. I am so, so sorry to hear this. Paula was a kind and lovely woman who gave away almost everything she made, it seems. I will miss her gentle presence here online. My deep condolences to your family on the loss of your mother.


  14. Judy Blauer

    I am saddened by this news. I only knew Paula through this blogging community, but I always appreciated her comments or answers to questions. She was very close to me in age, but far outgrew me in education and experience! We will miss her!


  15. Betty

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I only knew your Mom thru her blog. But so enjoyed her & her beautiful quilts. She will be deeply missed. Sending hugs & prayers for you, Beth, and all of your family at this sad time.


  16. I am so very sorry to read of this, Beth. Janine of Quilts from the Little House let me know through her blog post. We quilters are all pretty connected online: I’ve never met Janine, yet we live less than 2 hours apart, she in the US, me in Canada, and we are quite close, sharing personal stuff off line, as many of us do. I visited your mom’s blog many times over the years, and she mine, as we are both a part of the RSC. I lost my own mum not quite 2 years ago, after a stroke, and it is such a difficult time. May your loved ones and memories be of comfort. Know that she will be missed here in our quilting community.


  17. Susan Nixon

    I am sorry for your loss. She was very knowledgeable and shared that knowledge freely. Another thing I admired was that in spite of being older, she was never afraid to open a door to a new idea, technique, color scheme, whatever, and always had a plan for something new she wanted to try. That’s an attitude I admire.


  18. I’m saddened to learn of Paula’ passing. She and I were infrequent commenters on each other’s blogs, but often enough for me to have a good sense of what a kind and caring and talented person she was. She will definitely be missed, and I’m sorry for our collective loss.


  19. so sorry to read about your mother – she sounds like she was/is a wonderful soul and so very talented. It’s hard losing a mom and I hope along with your grief you are left with such warm memories and the feeling that she is still around loving you.


  20. Rebecca Grace

    Oh, Beth — my heart goes out to you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing this news with her many online quilter friends. Lifting all of you in prayers for peace and comfort in your grieving. Your mother sent so much light and love into the world.


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