A Hole In the Middle

My daughter is the world’s best thrift shopper. She especially likes going to a place called the Dig and Save, where discards from the Salvation Army are sold by the pound. She found an old quilt there, for which she paid only five dollars. She brought it home for me to enjoy. The quilt has a hole in the middle, the reason for its quick sale.

Here you can see inside the hole, where I found two layers, one very thin cotton batting and the other a plaid wool flannel blanket, a very practical solution for cold Wisconsin climates.

The two outer layers are composed of two different quilt tops, both from the same time period.

The pieced top is done in the log cabin pattern and colors of black, soft blue and light red. It is quite a bit more faded than the back.

The back side is more colorful and a really fascinating group of crumb pieced blocks set off by blue sashing with red cornerstones.

I could spend hours looking at these blocks with plaids, checks, pink pieces, all very typical of the 1890s to 1900s.

One block has a considerably older floral print in red and green, typical of the early

All in all, this has been one of my favorite research quilts, showing so many fabrics.

We are finally in the middle of a Wisconsin snowfall, so lovely to look at.

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8 thoughts on “A Hole In the Middle

    1. I really do like crumb. Blockeeeesww a lot and I don’t kn, except to make it warmer.r I really do like crumb blacks a lot and I don’t know why there are two bad things, except to make it warmer.



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