Pre-civil war quilt

I hope all of you and your families have a blessed Holiday time. And let me wish you a healthy and happy new year.

My second pre-Civil War quilt to show you is not a picture of the entire quilt. I am not at home and so I’m going to show you the close-ups from my photos, which are very revealing for the fabric they contain or don’t contain.

As you can see, although faded, the same chrome orange is present. This time the green is more on the blue side rather than the yellow. The browns and blues are very typical for the pre-Civil War era.

There is no black or lavender or bright turkey red. These colors are seen in post Civil War quilts.

Once again I have learned so much from my well-loved old quilts, none of them perfect .

At present I am in a nursing home for rehab. I will continue to blog, because I can’t imagine not being in touch with all of you dear friends. Have a very happy new year.

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16 thoughts on “Pre-civil war quilt

  1. I know that is a real inconvenience for you to be away from your home. I do hope your recovery is quick. We have certainly benefited from your segments on old quilts and their history. I love looking at the old fabric, worn from necessary use. I have so many quilts now that none of them would get worn from necessary use. Not to mention central heat which keeps us from piling them on in the winter. I appreciate the time you are spending going through your quilts.


  2. Hi Paula,
    I sincerely hope you are getting better and stronger every day and will start the new year healthy again.
    I love looking at old quilts especially if I know some of their history. I wonder if people in the future will feel the same about our quilts.
    xoxo, Maureen


    1. Thanks so much.The best reference for history of quilts is Barbara Brackman, who has written the book Clues in the calico, which I have and has a couple of blogsyou might look there to get an idea of where to find out what you might be interested in it so it is addictive.


  3. Hi Paula! Hope you are recovering well and will be back to your own home soon. This is a lovely quilt and I can see why you love it. Hope you have a wonderful 2020 filled with many quilts!


  4. Get well soon Paula! I hope you have a happy New Year celebration, even if still in the nursing home. I’m sure you’ll make the best of it. Good wishes for 2020 with plenty of textile creating. Your history of quilts post have been very informative. Thank you.


      1. Thanks so much. I’m having a tough time with back problems right now and hope they can be a solution for it. It turns out I can’t sleep at night in the bed today it’s too painful happy new year, Cathy.


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