She Dreams

I belong to a group of quilters both here in the USA and in Great Britain, the Endeavourers, who meet online quarterly for a challenge. The subject is chosen by a random drawing from a list of images or ideas. This quarter, ending on November 1, is the theme of dreams.

I don’t remember any of my dreams these days, but when I was young I dreamt frequently and some of them were happy and others sometimes scary. So I decided to show a young girl having some sweet dreams.

I found a fat quarter of a starry blue. I chose to fuse the images using Wonder Under. I cut out each one in a rough square and then fused them, using parchment paper to release them. Now that they were stiff it was easy to trim them down with sharp small scissors.

For a backing I fused this to a 9 x 12″ piece of Bosal N-R double-sided foam.

Finally I ran a simple pathway of stitching line going from the little girl then up and around all her dream images.

The challenge for me this time was to improve my fusing skills. Now I feel more confident and I’m happy with my project.

For the end of October we ended up with 8 inches of snow, a chance for some nice photos.

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18 thoughts on “She Dreams

  1. It’s way too early in the season for 8 inches of snow, at least for ME, lol. I liked your quilt when I saw your post to the Endeavourer’s Blog. I don’t do much fabric fusing so I tried a new to me technique.
    xx, Carol


  2. Paula, this is so cool. As soon as I saw it, my mind went right back to the book I had as a child of The Night Before Christmas. One delightful page had the chidren dreaming of toys and sugarplums. Such a happy quilt you have made!


  3. What a fun project! Love the happy little pictures in her dreams. I have not done anything with fusing. So fun to see others creativity to generate some fun ideas. Thanks.


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