My Rainbow

My Stained Glass Window turned out better than I could’ve expected. Framing the batiks in black was something I have always wanted to do, so doing the charm squares as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was the perfect answer.

Despite some lingering health problems I was able to finish the project this afternoon. It was just in time to get it photographed with the help of my friends. The indoor view looked nicely finished with the added 2 1/2 inch black border.

I’ve decided not to quilt it, but to keep it for myself and hang it where I can enjoy the colors. Quilting it would destroy the effect of the stained glass.

The weather cooperated perfectly. Despite on and off rain the sun came out in late afternoon just in time for the final photo.

if you look closely you can see the quarter-inch seams shining through, which gives the squares a three-dimensional effect.

I am really thrilled that this project turned out better than I expected. I now have my own stained glass window like those in beautiful cathedrals.

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32 thoughts on “My Rainbow

    1. Thanks a lot, Carol. I was surprised that matching up the squares did not pose a difficulty. The major difficulty was having to use those fraying narrow strips. Now I have tossed the rest of them in the wastebasket.


    1. Thanks, Louise. I think it’s one of my favorite quilt project ever. Most of mine are charity quilts. I only have a one bedroom apartment and my sewing area is half of the bedroom so, like you I have to be choosy about what I can hang.


  1. glaphacox

    It is a beautiful piece. I am new to quilting but I was thinking you could quilt straight lines down the edges of the black strips. That would let your colors puff out and I don’t think that it would ruin the effect of stained glass.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. It would help the colors to stand out more. You are right, and it’s a good idea. However I have already decided not to quilt it, just hang it as a flimsy on the wall and even over a window if I want. I have only a one bedroom apartment and not a lot of wall space, so the things that they do hang are the really special ones. Do you have a blog? If so, I would like to see what you are working on.


  2. Congratulations on a beautiful finish. I agree with you, I wouldn’t quilt it either. The batting and backing would block the sunlight. This way, the sun comes shining through, and you know how we need the sun once winter really gets started!


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