No Sewing

My goal for this week was to finish my Stained Glass Window flimsy. I didn’t have much left to get done, only one side strip and then a 2 1/2 inch border all around. It was frustrating work because the 1 1/2-inch strips were not pinked and were constantly fraying.

Then two days ago I woke up with very painful sciatica. I could hardly get out of bed and the only place I could sit was in my recliner, not on a regular chair. I looked online and found exercises that were supposed to help. I began to do them regularly and some kind friends brought me some lunch and dinner because I couldn’t do any cooking.

Years ago I had a bout of sciatica which lasted for weeks. This time I was very fortunate to get it cleared up today, Friday.

In order to have something to show for this post, I did some more work on fusing a small wall hanging, which I call Carnivale in Rio. This was my original idea.

I worked on it some more today and begin fusing the pieces. Then this new version came to a screeching halt with a sticky iron. I found a easy method for cleaning it but using baby powder on the cold iron, then heating it and the glue came right off. I am passing this on to you.

This is my latest version including the fireworks at night and the parade along the boulevard beside the beach. The fusing will have to wait.

i’m calling it quits for tonight. This Squirrley piece will be finished by next week, I promise.

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14 thoughts on “No Sewing

  1. Sorry to hear about your sciatica. I know how painful that is having suffered myself in the past. Clever of you to look up exercises on the Internet. Pleased you feel well enough to sew.


  2. Thanks for the iron cleaning tip! Nothing worse than getting glue on that hot surface. It usually smells pretty bad, too. I’m sorry you were in pain and glad to hear it passed quickly this time!


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