Stained Glass Window

Batiks are my favorite type of quilting fabric because the pure colors are like jewels. They also can be muted and swirled, blending colors into something unique.

That was why I decided to use them in one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects this year. For each month’s color I made six simple charm squares, each with a black border.

This was my first trial, later expanded with the addition of lime green.

I chose the pure hues of each color, with no mixtures or blending.

My goal for September was to combine all the colors to make eight rows. Then the fun process began. I stitched up most of them into pairs, played around with the placements and photographed each arrangement.

This week I worked on arranging them on the design floor and adding horizontal strips between the rows. For some reason, between the trips to the machine and the stitching it did not go easily and there was quite a bit of ripping.

So I did not quite make my goal of piecing the entire top, but most of them are finished and only one side strip remains to be done.

Isn’t it beautiful? I think I will have to keep it for myself, probably as a lap quilt.

Now that we have reached the end of the rainbow, I’m looking forward to seeing what treasures all of you have made.

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22 thoughts on “Stained Glass Window

  1. catkiz

    Wow, it really does look like a stained glass window. So beautiful, Paula! Of course you need to keep this one – it’s a feast for the eyes!


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