Squirrel Time

We quilters tend to get sidetracked, dropping a work in progress to start something totally different. Sandra at mmm! Quilts likens it to a squirrel running across our path and we take off to follow it. That is exactly what I did this week.

In my last post I asked for input on backing for my stained glass batik quilt. Thanks to all your kind comments I chose the M&M fabric.

With a week full of distractions that was as far as I got. Then yesterday I started thinking about fusing again. I have used it for two wall hangings this year and it is the best method I have found for appliqué. I came across two excellent fusing tutorials on YouTube and dug into my fat quarter solids for inspiration.

For the background I chose a deep purple. In my scrap pile I found a little piece that I’ve had around for years but hated to waste it. This was what started me thinking.

This scrap brought to mind pictures of Rio de de Janeiro with its favelas. These are very poor neighborhoods built of scrap wood and whatever materials could be found, with wiring strung from one to unit to another. Most of them are brightly colored, expressing the vibrancy of the Brazilian people.

After a couple of hours rummaging through bins of scraps I added a few more pieces to suggest a hot summer night.

Here is my squirrel project so far, with no fusing done yet.

I seem to do my best work when I have a subject or image in mind. From here on it won’t take long to get this fused and ready to go, with fireworks lighting up the sky.

The other day I went on a beautiful long ride through the Wisconsin farmlands with perfect weather and a lovely breeze. The trees have not yet begun to turn but in October we will have lovely days to enjoy them,

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

18 thoughts on “Squirrel Time

  1. Great fabric scraps, I know what you mean by getting side tracked, I do it all the time which is why a have a multitude of packets of quilt blocks, all waiting for lots more to be added so they can be turned into quilt tops! Hey ho!


  2. Oh squirrel !!! Just what I needed……another project! Looking at your squirrel idea gave me one of my own. I have been wanting to make the Original Ticker Tape quilt in Sunday Morning Quilts and this post reminded me of that. I think I have enough small scraps for that now!


  3. Isn’t it interesting how one little piece of fabric can take us down a path of adventure and creative fun? I’ll be waiting to see where you go with those fun scraps. The squirrels in my quilt room have been oddly quiet lately; however, there is one patiently waiting with some fun in mind. I’m starting to get itchy to begin.


  4. catkiz

    I believe that creative minds are more prone to squirreling. And what a delightful squirrel you’ve run across (or has run across you…) The purple backing is perfect for your vibrant scraps and the story you’re weaving!


  5. Sue H

    Even though that alluring squirrel side-tracked you, at least you have a plan for the other quilt. When things quiet down in your brain, you’ll be happy to get back to that backing! I’ve learned that that’s what we quilters seem to do– strike while the inspiration is there and we’ll get back to that other project in a bit when things quiet down in our mind.


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