Just Right Backing

This week I have very little to show as far as progress with my quilting. It seems I spent more time ripping than stitching. I had worked out a schedule to get the entire batik top finished by today, but each day brought some delays. Today was no different, because I had my apartment carpet cleaned and of course it had to dry out. The carpet cleaners did a great job and I’m not worried about our annual apartment inspection on Monday.

So my batik squares have been joined into strips with black sashing and i’m following my photo record of the layout. They really look like jewels.

Stitching on black is definitely no fun, especially when it comes to ripping. I have a tabletop ironing surface with not a lot of room to spare. I find that joining rows from the bottom strip on up is the easiest way, letting the finished part hang down in front. The bottom half is finished.

In one of my bottom stash drawers I discovered some backing fabrics that I had completely forgotten about. I must’ve bought them during part of my spending spree a couple of years ago. Here are some beautiful prints on black.

i’m trying to decide between number two and number four. It depends on who the user might be. For a feminine look the lovely floral on number two would be my choice. However number four has the wonderful bright colors, so playful. That would work for any age group. I think I have about 5 yards of that, so there will still be plenty for another project.

This will make a nice lap quilt and I may be tempted to keep it for myself. Otherwise it will go to our quilt group charity collection in October.

Our last 80° weather was today and fall will be here tomorrow with cooler weather just in time. Let’s all enjoy it.

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

19 thoughts on “Just Right Backing

  1. Sue H

    Great choice! 🔼 The dots are bright & fun just like the front. Wish Fall would arrive here. We’re still 80s around here and earlier in the week we were in the 90s. Fall can’t come too soon for me and, when it arrives, I hope it stays awhile too!


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