And the Winner is….

In my post last week I asked for input on a background color for my Chinese Coins strips. I had tried them on a gray background, but it just was not the right choice.

Several of you suggested trying brighter colors and that sounded like a good idea, especially because I love bright tones.

Here are two of my favorites.

As you can see, both of these choices were too dominant, overpowering the strips. Back to my stash I went, hunting for pieces that would be large enough for the length I needed.

I couldn’t find what I wanted in my fat quarters and yardage. So I decided to look in my box of backing fabrics, which had been gathering dust on a bottom shelf. Voila! The piece I found was 104 inches by about 60 inches wide, plenty for the front sashing strips and a back as well.

Yesterday my friend with the Go cutter provided me with eight 3-1/2 x 52 inch strips.

Today I was down to the wire and managed to get the front stitched together except for the top and bottom sashing.

This beautiful soft mottled green was the perfect choice! Thank you, dear friends, for your helpful suggestions. I am so happy I took your advice and did not settle for less than the best.

Another blessing has been a change in the weather to lovely cool dry days, so welcome after all the heat we have had this summer. I hope that those of you who are still suffering from heat will have the same cooling soon.

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24 thoughts on “And the Winner is….

  1. So pleased you found just the right colour to pair with the Chinese Coin strips. The green looks perfect. Isn’t it a great feeling when you know you have found the answer?


  2. You transformed the quilt from somber to fun, switching from gray to the green. Funny that I think that because I usually like gray as a background color. But you just can’t go wrong with green (foliage) with the florals.


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