Chinese Coins

What started out last week as an RSC project sort of morphed into a more interesting idea, which I’ve got all laid out on my design floor. Once I started using my big stash of charm squares, I couldn’t stop. It was lots of fun piecing pairs and then sets of four and finally sets of eight.

This was my final set of the light blue for this month. I really get carried away cutting my 5-inch florals in half and stitching away. I decided not to use the improvisational strips that I had started with, to keep the rows of strips uniform.

In order to mix and match the sets, I made them all in strips of eight. So far I have laid out long rows using three of these sets per row, if that makes sense. I probably will make them longer when I figure out the final size of the quilt.

My latest idea was to space them with 3- inch gray strips. In my stash I found two 1-yard gray pieces, one called “silver” and the other named “dove” (no, not gold). A friend of mine has a Go cutter and I asked her to cut me selvage-to-selvage strips of the silver.

Disaster! I had not opened the folded silver fabric. It turned out to be only a yard wide and I don’t know how it got into into my stash. So here at the moment on my floor are the results.

It is now midnight again and here I am writing this post to show you my Chinese coins in progress. I really do like the floral color scheme, but the grey is not working for me. So it is back to the drawing board to test out black or some other neutral tone.

My idea for the backing is to use florals of some kind. It will probably be a lap quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s projects and I hope you will come back next week to see my finish.

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25 thoughts on “Chinese Coins

  1. I suggest you audition some brighter colours for your alternate strips between the strippy coin columns. Fuschia, lime green, turquoise, royal blue, daffodil yellow? Even tone on tone in those sorts of colours? I think it would work and make a really zingy quilt. 😊


  2. Sue H

    I always heard that whatever color you want your quilt, use that color for your sashing/borders. Go with that for your coins! Purple, blue, yellow, black — you pick and make it yours! Good luck!


  3. I’ve never made a quilt in all my years of crafting. This is a great idea, and looks like it will be very pretty when done. Thank you for visiting Peabea Scribbles. Would love to have you visit and link up with Pictorial Tuesday Potpourri for sharing crafts and photography. Loved seeing your visit so I could come visit you.



    1. So nice to meet you, Patricia, another PB. I have been a quilt blogger since 2012 and a born-again spirit-filled Christian since 1974. These days I have a problem getting out and around, so I very rarely get to church. Somehow I came across Elizabeth’s blog. I am so happy to find other Christian bloggers. I have loved photography all my life and also started out with a Brownie camera. My husband and I met because of that interest. He passed away in 2010 and my son four years ago. My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter live close by. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of your life. I plan to start a new blog soon.

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      1. Thanks for visiting and linking with Peabea Scribbles’ Pictorial Tuesday. My first camera was a Brownie that I won selling vegetable and flower seeds when in grade school. Have loved photography ever since. I don’t go out as much to take photos anymore since no one to go with and really don’t want to go alone. I do love manipulating the photos or making digital scrapbooking as well as I do some Bible journaling. So sorry to read about your hubby and son. So heartbreaking. My husband of 55 years just recently passed away going on 4 months now, and my grandson’s dad (36 yrs) was tragically killed in January. The grandson was with him, and very thankful he was spared. So far, I’m not a big fan of 2019, lol but photography, crafts/sewing, etc. keeps me busy. Thanks for the nice reply to my comment. Have a great week.


  4. I’ve been wanting to start a little series of Chinese Coin quilts for some of my donation quilts, and seeing yours in progress may just be the inspiration I needed! They’re looking great!


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