All Mixed Up

On July 20 I published a post about the scrappy pile that I tried to tame by piecing 2 1/2 x 5″ strips in sets of four. They were mostly warm tones, especially pinks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I decided to continue with the strips by using the RSC colors. So last month I did some dark blue, which was easy to pair up because I have a couple of charm packs in that color.

I liked the elegant fabrics, very cool and summery. When I combined them with the warm tone strips it really was a nice colorful mix.

I have been enjoying this project and I’m going to continue with for the rest of the months through October. My latest addition is a couple of light blue strip sets and I still need to catch up by doing some green ones.

These strips sets were done today, so I haven’t had a chance to combine them with the others. I don’t have very many of these left. Some of them I have saved for fussy cutting.

I really haven’t given any thought to how these are going to be laid out. I’m probably going to use some kind of sashing. These sets are so quick and easy to make and a good way to use some of the stash of charm squares I’ve accumulated.

Our weather here has finally been cooling off into the high 70s and low 80s, such a relief. My granddaughter is already buying furnishings for her college dorm room. The highlight will be the Rainbow quilt I made for her several years ago.

I may have to make another one in red and white for the University of Wisconsin Madison Badgers colors.

I hope you all have been experiencing better weather and looking forward to cooler nights.

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14 thoughts on “All Mixed Up

  1. That is the perfect quilt for a dorm room with all those bright colors. I like your little scrappy blocks you’re stitching up too! I never think to do that, just sew up a few here and there. I need to remind myself to do that. Will be fun to see that quilt top emerge as you build those blocks.


    1. Her dorm will be right on the lake and she is all ready planning to do kayaking, board surfing and beach volleyball. She and her boyfriend are also going to swing in matching hammocks over the water, according to my daughter. These math geniuses may find time for classwork as well.


  2. Its always nice to have a little touch of home when kids head off to college. The rainbow quilt is a perfect must have and it’s going to brighten up her dorm room like no others! Your strips are coming along beautifully and a little sashing should be just the perfect addition!


  3. Sue Hoover

    Your granddaughter looks so comfy on her Rainbow Quilt! Great picture! Our weather is still ugly hot — Heat advisory for Monday with the Heat Index 110!!! Love your rainbow strips, going to be amazing whatever way you choose to lay them out!


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