A Scare and a Finish

We hear stories about being trapped in an elevator. That happened to me this week. I live on the second floor in a senior apartment complex. The other day about 6 o’clock I decided to go downstairs to get the mail. I was alone and I had my cell phone with me as usual. I got in the elevator and pressed the button for the first floor. Suddenly the buttons did not work. I tried pressing the buttons for everything but no luck. I tried my cell phone, but it was not working either. 🙀

I’m usually levelheaded during a crisis. The only choice I had was to press the emergency button in the elevator. An operator answered who had a foreign accent and was hard to understand. I explained that I was stuck. She said to try this button or that button, but none of them worked. She told me to call the manager. I told her there is none around our building at night. I hung up and tried again after a minute.

On my second try I spoke to a different operator, who understood my situation and said she would call 911 for me. Again I tried my cell phone and still no response. After a short wait the door opened of its own accord and I was on the first floor, not stuck between floors. When I got off the elevator the firemen were just coming into the building. I told them I was the person who had been stuck on it but now was so relieved to be out. 😹

I was afraid to try the elevator again to get back upstairs, so I asked one of the firemen to try it out first. He went up to the second floor and came down without incident. So I went up with him and he waited until I found a neighbor nearby who could phone my family for me, because my cell phone was still not working. My son-in-law came over soon after and when he tried my phone it worked. What had I been doing wrong? I had no idea.

The next day I was talking to some friends who told me that the entire cell phone circuit had been down during the time when I had been in the elevator. It just was an unfortunate coincidence. 😼

As for my quilting, I didn’t get much done because I had to wind some bobbins. Did I mention that my hands get shaky when I’m anxious and trying harder? I finally finished my last pink RSC19 project using batiks with black sashing.

When I laid out my monthly blocks so far, I really like the idea of mixing them up instead of keeping them in rainbow row order.

I’m going to continue with the remaining colors, but not brown. I want just a lively rainbow effect.

I’m very thankful that this week is over and also that the high heat we had is past and it is now in the low 80’s. I have a final challenge project which I will be working on this week for the Endeavourers, a walk in the park.

I will be looking forward to all of your stories this week.

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

23 thoughts on “A Scare and a Finish

  1. I am so glad that the elevator episode was not worse than it was. We depend on our phones so much don’t we. They are definitely technology to be thankful for. Malfunctioning Elevator, incompetent operator assistance and no phone service. An unfortunate combination of events.
    xx, Carol


  2. There is an elevator I go on all the time. The other day it gave a big lurch which is unusual. Must say it gave me pause. Glad you were not stuck too long and the a/c was working!!!


  3. Paula, that sounds like it was scary! So glad everything turned out okay in the end – but I can imagine how anxious you must have been. There’ nothing like a little scrappy, colorful sewing to help us feel better!


  4. Sue H

    Oh boy, that stuck elevator story sounds pretty scary. The fact that it coincidentally occured while the cell phones were out? Pshew! Glad it all worked out OK for you.


  5. Oh Paula! Talk about an Anxiety attack! I would have been climbing the walls to get out of that elevator. I do not do underground anything, and elevators, as long as I can climb stairs I will. I do not do high rise hotels either!

    When I lived in the Wash DC area I did the subway with a friend ONE time and that was it – never again. I always wonder how I did so many TDYs when I worked for the Feds – flying in that aircraft to Hawaii was almost torture, but I did it! LOL

    Hugs and stay out that elevator alone! Take a buddy with you then you an both have the attack together!


  6. Oh, Paula! How scary for you! I’m glad you were able to escape fairly quickly. Such bad timing for the cell phone outage, too. I hope you can get back to un-shaky hands quilting as soon as possible.


  7. What a horrible experience! It’s a good job it was over relatively quickly. I’m sure I would be shaky after that too. But don’t be afraid of using the lift again; just think of all the times it didn’t get stuck.


  8. I’m not surprised that you were scared when you found yourself stuck in the lift! Everyone’s fear I think. Amazing coincidence for your phone to be down at the same time. Glad it all ended happily, even though you had a great shock.


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