Pink Isn’t Easy

Have you ever noticed that some colors are easier to work into quilt blocks than others? For instance, red is hard to work with because if you try to add lighter shades they end up being pink and, vice versa, as they get dark they become maroon or brownish red. No wonder red and white quilts have been so popular over the years.

I’ve always considered pink to be an easy color to work with. However, when sorting through my scraps I noticed that it’s hard to find enough prints that do not blend into each other.

With my first block, for a 10-inch finished strip set made only with my dwindling supply of 2-1/2-inch strips, I had to use a variety contrasting prints in order to get good separation of the strips.

For my scrappy improv block it was easier because I had more scraps to choose from. But once again I had to rely on a variety of prints rather than a color range.

Thanks to a few Kaffe Fassett scraps, which gave some size variation, I am happy with the way this turned out.

I am also able to check a gray scale view see the actual values of the blocks. If you are not sure about your choices, see if you can do the gray scale on your blocks.

So the lesson I learned with pink was that there are a number of types of contrast we can use to give life to our quilts. Do you recall the quilt fabrics we had back in the 1980s? Mine seem to have been mostly little floral prints. Today we are so fortunate to have such a vast variety of fabric choices.

The more I learn about color, the more I realize the importance of contrast. It really does make a difference in the success of my quilting work.

This is the last moderately cool day we are going to be having for at least a week, with temperatures predicted in the 90s. I hope I can make good use of my indoor time working on my quilting.

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17 thoughts on “Pink Isn’t Easy

  1. I always have fun looking at everyone’s post to see what their scraps look like! I think I have some of that same pink and white check with the blue hearts that you show in the first picture. It is left from a baby quilt made for a great-niece who is turning 18 this summer – I’m still trying to use up those scraps!


  2. lapaylor

    It’s good to see some lower contrast fabrics mixed in with high contrast, your blocks with their blending is a good thing IMHO. When one of my scrap bins got low from my using it, DH offered to cut a strip off each of my yardage stash to refill it! No one would know, he said!


  3. It’s not easy for me, because I don’t work with it a lot, so there are precious few scraps to be found. Also the cooler pinks and the warmer pinks don’t play well together, at least to my eye.


  4. You sure did find a fun variety of patterns. I struggled with pink this month, too, but for a different reason in that I was trying for low contrast, and the huge range of pink colors was a challenge. I ended up aiming for a mid-range. I do love me using value, but often forget to.


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