Beautiful in Blue

There is nothing I would rather do than brag about my granddaughter. She graduated from high school and I am so proud of her achievements in academics as well as leadership. Sarah will be attending the University of Wisconsin, majoring in biochemistry and computer science.

She and her mother made her prom dress of beautiful blue satin. They even made a blue bow tie for Tony, her date.

Notice the physics textbook she is using as a weight to hold down the fabric!

Her lovely corsage was perfect for the gown.

The weather that evening was beautiful when they went for photos in the park.

They could not resist having some fun at the playground.

Finally they posed with their friends before taking off for a wonderful evening.

Photos tell a story better than words and Sarah’s graduation is something I will hold in my heart forever.

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16 thoughts on “Beautiful in Blue

  1. What a wonderful gown she made! Just lovely. Love the photo of them on the slide….. it is great to be silly and have fun. Congrats to her and you… it takes a whole family to raise a wonderful adult.


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