A Mystery Quilt

Well, it is actually a top, but definitely a mystery to me. I have no idea where or when I got it. I just found it in the back of a closet shelf yesterday.

It is about 70 x 70 inches, made entirely of solids except for some black squares with a tiny linear print.

The fabric itself is not the usual quilter cotton. It has a sheen to it on the top surface only, as if it is glazed. On magnification, it has a herringbone weave, which makes a one-way pattern.

The 4-patch squares are 2 inches unfinished. It is machine stitched. This closeup includes a raw edge.

I love the diagonal pattern of the half square triangles and the soft colors overall.

If any of you can give me any help with the mystery, please do so. Could it be Amish?

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

12 thoughts on “A Mystery Quilt

    1. No, I have a collection of antique quilts and will probably just add it as a source of information. I enjoyed learning about the color and pattern differences in 19th century quilts.


    1. Thanks, Jeanne. I have a collection of antique quilts and I love trying to solve the puzzle behind the maker. I checked out your blog and I am delighted to find someone who looks at life with gratitude. I’m going to follow it.


  1. smilesfromkate

    A mystery in more ways than one. What are the origins of this quilt? How old is it? And how did it end up in your closet? I’m hoping for a follow up post at some time, I love a mystery.


    1. I have ordered a new book, really an old one. Clues in the Calico. I had a copy years ago, and it is the best book for trying to identify the age of fabrics. I will sure let you know what I discover, if anything. It was great talking to you yesterday.


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