Beautiful Blue

I have two reasons for loving dark blue this month. First is that my brand new Pfaff ambition 610 is finally here in its new home.

I had originally been considering a Viking because I like the body shape with lots of room for the quilt and other features. When I got to the store I took a look at the Pfaff, which was in the same price range.

The thing that sold me on it immediately was the built in walking foot mechanism. I’ve had so much difficulty trying to attach my walking foot that I would avoid using it if at all possible. In fact, on the last Project Linus quilt in May I had pulled the quilt through the machine rather than bother with the attachment.

This machine has everything I wanted and more. it has so many bells and whistles that it will take a while to learn how to use it. It’s appropriate that I received it now during Angela’s blue month.

The first project I did was an 8 1/2-inch scrappy improv block.

Now I’m really excited about being able to do free motion quilting and other things that I haven’t attempted up to this point. So I’ll be keeping you posted.

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23 thoughts on “Beautiful Blue

  1. Nothing is more fun than a new machine to play with. I’m so glad you have it and that you can be back to sewing. I love the walking foot on my machine. I hope you find all kinds of cool stuff that make you happy with your choice!


  2. Paula, I also bought a Pfaff Ambition 610 earlier this year, and I love it! That built in walking foot is wonderful. I’ve had mine several months now, and I still don’t know everything it can do, but there’s time to keep learning! So glad you were able to get a new machibe!


  3. Congratulations on your new machine! I am a diehard Pfaff girl! That builtin walking foot is so handy! I use it when sewing long rows of quilt squares together, or when adding a long binding too. It helps keeps the fabrics from slipping.


  4. Sue H

    While I love my Bernina, I quilt at retreat with a gal who absolutely loves her Pfaff! It’s wonderful to sew on a machine that gives you such pleasure. You’ll soon know how to use all the bells & whistle, I’m sure.


  5. I’m so happy you finally have your new machine and are back sewing again Paula. The built in walking foot is a great feature for you to have, I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes your quilting. I have a Bernina with a similar foot and I use it not just for quilting but for slippery and awkward fabrics too. I’m wondering if it will result in an even more experimental style in your Endeavour challenges. I do so love seeing your work.


  6. There’s nothing like getting a new sewing machine! And yours is beautiful. I like the idea of the integrated walking foot but I bought a Viking last year. I like to embroider and it has bigger hoops than what my trusty Bernina has. I didn’t buy the walking foot because I’ve got the Bernina set up with its walking foot all ready to go. I’m not even sure where a Pfaff dealer is in my neck of the woods. I’m sure you’ll get years of happy sewing from your new machine.


    1. Your set up with two machines sounds just perfect. I don’t intend to do any embroidery, for one thing because I can’t do hand stitching coming and also it’s just not my thing.


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