Reclaimed Construction

On April 20 my post was called Chop Job. I showed how a red group of strips I had made did not measure correctly and so I chopped it up and pieced it together with some aqua strips. This was the result.

Recently I decided to do some improvisation and picked up that block and a piece of floral fabric. I started cutting them up and added some triangular pieced blocks as well.

As I began playing with the smaller blocks they became houses, so why not make a little neighborhood?

I was very happy with these little reclaimed wonky houses. I haven’t done anything with them since then and right now I’m at a standstill. Disaster struck! My sewing machine broke down and could not be fixed.

Actually it wasn’t an entirely disastrous situation, because this was a machine that my daughter had given to me a few years ago. It has served me very well but I was starting to look at new machines pictured online. I really need a larger harp than 6 inches for doing any size quilts with ease. Some more convenience features would be a help also. So next week I will be going to buy a new machine!

Meanwhile I did get a 10-inch orange block finished for this last week of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I also added blocks for a batik quilt in rainbow strips which I’m working on each month.

Here is the first five colors that I’ve completed.

So at this point I’m hoping that next week will be the reveal of my new sewing machine. If I don’t have it at home at least I hope I will have found a model that is the right one at the right price. Wish me luck!

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16 thoughts on “Reclaimed Construction

  1. Cute improv houses, Paula! While I’m sorry that your machine broke and forced you to upgrade right now, you’ll really love having a bigger harp. Looking forward to seeing which machine you choose for your new quilting workhorse!


  2. Those little houses are so cute! I’m sure it was a disappointment to have your machine quit right in the middle of that inspiration, but I’m also sure you will love having a new machine. One feature I have that I love — an auto pivot. When I have the auto pivot on, and I stop sewing, the foot goes up just a bit (not fully) so that I can pivot what I’m sewing. It’s great for quilting and binding, or anything where you are sewing corners or curves. Looking forward to seeing your new machine!


  3. Sue H

    Good luck on getting the machine you need for the price you want. There are so many considerations and so many models. Your wonky houses look fun!


  4. I always enjoy seeing your improv work Paula, I think that’s where your real talent lies. I hope your new machine is now up and running, please post some pics and once you have had a time of play, your opinion on the features.


    1. I don’t have the machine yet, but I’m expecting it to be in today or tomorrow because I got on memorial day and it’s about a week and a half now. And nice thing about the shop where I got it is that they give you free lessons at the beginning and anytime you want after that. I may have to get a new sewing table, so there are a lot of details to be worked out. Don’t worry Kate you will hear from me soon.


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