Three for Charity

As I mentioned in a previous post, our local quilt group had a charity quilt collection day on May 6th. They will have another in October. This time they collected a record 1400 items, from NICU quilts to full size, all from about 60-70 members. AMAZING!

I’m not a prolific quilter by any means. I don’t have a large family and all of us have my quilts already. So I make Project Linus quilts primarily, because they are a manageable size and don’t require a lot of fancy or intricate quilting. Designing the top and making that are my favorite parts of the quilting process. Some of mine are not actually three-part quilts, but have a fleece backing. Sadly the store where I used to buy my inexpensive fleece blankets, 50 x 60″, has gone out of business and I no longer have access to those.

So for our most recent charity collection I contributed three Project Linus quilts. You have already seen them either in progress or finished. This is just a summary of my contributions.

This 36 x 36″ quilt was originally made for Jack’s Basket, however with the cost of shipping these days I decided to give it to our local collection. For the top I used animal layer cake blocks cut in half, with a fun animal print backing. It will make some child in the hospital or in other type of need feel comforted.

This fleece-backed quilt was made to use up some charm packs of black and white prints, along with the colored squares. Row quilts are one of my favorite types to make especially with strips added, because I don’t have to match up seams. How easy can I make it is the question. The cars and trucks on the fleece backing are just the right colors.

This final top is one which was a UFO for a long time. I had made the houses for another quilt idea, and the boats, which I enjoyed making also. So I combined them with strips of grass and sky and ocean water in between. I call it Waterfront Property. This was a last minute finish, working untill midnight on Sunday evening to hand it in by Monday morning, so I didn’t get a chance to take a final picture with the red binding and the backing of stop signs, appropriate for the streets. I know children will get a kick out of seeing some of the animal inhabitants.

I have a feeling of satisfaction for having made my small contribution to Project Linus. The lesson for October is to start earlier. We’ll see how that turns out.

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20 thoughts on “Three for Charity

    1. Thanks, Linda. Even though I can’t see the child who gets the quilt, I can picture it in my mind. One of our project Linus quilts was given to a friends Child.She was only in for an overnight stay, but was delighted beyond words.


  1. Your donation quilts are wonderful, Paula! I especially love Waterfront Property – that is the perfect name for it! It is a really good feeling to finish up something and send it on, knowing someone will get comfort from it, isn’t it?!


    1. Thanks, Kat. It’s nice to hear from someone in the Northwest again. We used to live there for years and travel up to BC. I especially miss the ocean. But being near family is the most important thing.


  2. Such cute and cozy quilts! I understsnd about keeping it local; Project Linus will be a wonderful recipient for these. I know I’ll have sticker shock when I go to ship out-of-state. I don’t think I’ve done that since the rates went up.


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