A Chop Job

Does that title make you want to know what’s going on here? Well, that’s exactly what I did today with one of my misfit blocks. Several weeks ago I posted about my four RSC 10-inch strip blocks. The only problem was that I did not use a quarter-inch foot for the red strip block. So it ended up being smaller than the others.

Today I took a look at it and decided to take the scissors to it just for the fun of it. Here was the result.

The only thing now was to put it back together somehow. I had a tub full of aqua pieces and decided to use them. It wasn’t difficult and I am happy with the result.

As you can see, it certainly is colorful. I don’t know if this will be the first of several of these wonky blocks. It may end up in the orphan pile, but I think I’ll continue having fun and see where this takes me.

Happy Easter!

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

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