Making Progress

Way back in the mist of time, at least a couple of years ago, I acquired a number of charm packs of black and white squares. They sat in a drawer until this year, when I decided to do something with them. By themselves they were not very attractive, so I added solid color squares interspersed with the black and white. This turned out to be a nice way of turning them into a quilt top. Using my favorite strip quilt method, I added black strips between the rows. The result was about 40 inches square, just the right size for a child’s quilt.

Our local quilt guild is having a charity quilt collection day at the beginning of May. Last week I finished the jungle animal happy green quilt, which I posted. Now I have a deadline for getting this top pinned and quilted and when this one is finished I have one more to get done before the deadline.

I have some fleece with colors that will go with this top. It’s a lively group of cars and trucks with black and assorted colors. The other night I got it pinned to the top with a friend’s help.

Today I completed quilting the black strips between the rows. Because of the clinging fleece I think that will be enough stitching to hold it. Here is how it turned out.

I think my little Paddington bear is happy to have the quilt by his side. It should not take long for me to get it bound with black.

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