A Breath of Spring

The temperature finally got up to 60 degrees for the first time today! I was able to get outside and see the birds and really feel nice and warm. It’s about time.

When Angela announced the monthly color is aqua, that felt like spring to me also. Because of appointments I haven’t had much time to do any piecing, but I did piece a 10 inch strip set.

Isn’t that a lovely cool springtime color? Anything watery is always refreshing. I’ll work on some more blocks this week. Here’s all the ones I’ve done so far for the year.

Perhaps you noticed that the red block is not as large as the others, so I’m going to have to rework it or just make a new one and put this one in the parts department.

I really need to get some sleep now so I’ll cut this short. I look forward to seeing all your quilting projects. Cathy’s post will not count. It probably is already way more than my monthly total. Love ya, Cathy.

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

25 thoughts on “A Breath of Spring

  1. Donna J

    I really like the strip blocks. I can’t believe it got that warm where you are. I’m in northern Wis. and it’s been snowing off and on for the last couple of days.


  2. Sue H

    Your strippy blocks look wonderful. Glad to hear Spring has sprung in your area. I too love hearing all the twitter of birds and watching the squirrels and bunnies scurry on my walk with the dog.


  3. Glad spring is coming! Our weather is still yo-yo-ing between frosty and balmy – I’ll be glad when it settles down a bit!
    I’m looking forward to seeing all your blocks done and assembled! It’s going to be a very happy quilt!


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