Fun with Fusing

Warmer weather seems to be arriving at last. The birds are finally coming back here and I hear the mourning dove at daybreak and the house finches, who seem to be busy building a nest nearby. I will be really happy when I see some daffodils, my favorite flower.

With five Saturdays this month I’ve already completed my usual collection of green blocks. So it’s time for some improv. I have a lot of fusible web, so I want to practice using it. I don’t do appliqué, so this gives me more choices for design.

Late last night I pulled together some assorted scraps to work with.

I laid the fusible web on parchment paper and set the pieces on it, then covered them with another piece of parchment. When I pressed this all down I found that it took a number of repeated pressings to completely fuse them. Waiting a couple of minutes to let it cool off allowed me to peel back the parchment. For spots that didn’t get attached very well I repeated the pressing.

Then I dug through my stash of black and gray fat quarters. With all these solid pieces I chose a swirl pattern from Connecting Threads to give some added movement. Fusing the scraps onto the black piece was easier because I was not as impatient with the cooling off process.

As an afterthought I just decided to add the little blue square and I think that gives it more of a feeling of depth.

This really has been a fun experience for me and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more fusing. You will be seeing more of this from me in future posts.

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14 thoughts on “Fun with Fusing

  1. What a fun project! Are you going to do some stitching to secure the edges? And if so, plain or snazzy? (I’m very curious – I’ve had my battles with fusible web and always seemed to lose…)


    1. With the one sheet on the bottom and one sheet on the top there’s no problem for the iron. My son, who passed away this month four years ago, was a cook and so I ended up with parchment paper which is great for pressing.


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