Working on the Jungle

As I mentioned last week, I’m working on making a quilt for Jack’s Basket, a fine charity providing Down syndrome babies with baskets of baby items. You can find out more about it from Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. She is running the Hands to Help 2019 Project.

I made good progress on the quilt this week, and with the help of a friend it is now layered and pinned. Today I was able to do vertical rows of quilting.

Isn’t it cute? I almost hate to part with it. Knowing that some young child will love the bright colors and learn about the animals in the jungle, is a sweet reward.

After it was pinned and ready to quilt I tried putting on the walking foot. What a disaster that was! After struggling with it repeatedly and not being able to get it on, I asked a friend to help and she was not successful either. So I just decided to try quilting it with my regular open foot. It went very smoothly with no puckers on the back.

I always use Connecting Threads Essential 50 weight on top and bobbin. With any mix of colors, like the yellow, green and white here, my color choice is taupe. In fact, that is the thread I use for most of my projects. Here is a comparison shot of taupe and white threads puddled on my quilt top.

Do you see how bright and shiny the white thread is compared to the taupe which blends into the background? The same is true when piecing many fabric colors, as well as for the quilting. That’s why I keep it threaded in my machine and load up a bunch of bobbins at the same time. That is my hint for the week.

As I look out my window I’m seeing green grass and rapidly melting piles of snow. At last spring is on the way here in Wisconsin! I’ve been able to open the windows during the day and hear the various bird calls so dear to me.

The first bird to return here was the mourning dove with its sad cooing at daybreak. Yesterday afternoon a wonderful little miracle happened out on my deck. I have two large flower pots there which I haven’t bothered to empty of dried leaves. I heard a flutter as a dove landed in one of my pots. It was probably looking for seeds, because the snow still covered everything. She nestled down in the pot and stayed there for a full five minutes, all the while saying coo coo. Then she began pecking around in the dirt looking for seeds. Apparently there weren’t any, so she flew away with another flutter. I finally was able to start breathing normally again.

I hope all of you are enjoying the coming of spring with lovely weather and a chance to be out enjoying it.

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13 thoughts on “Working on the Jungle

  1. What a cute quilt, and just right for Jack’s Basket! I have friends who have made several quilts for them (the organization is just an hour away from me). I haven’t made quilts for them yet, but it’s on my bucket list. Walking foot woes are not fun. I had a little Janome Gem (well, I still have it) and getting the walking foot to work on it was just awful. I upgraded to a Janome Skyline S7 and it has a different walking foot and I love it; it made all the difference in the world. I hope you can get yours figured out!


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