Moving Ahead

Last week I was getting nothing done, but now I’m on a roll. Days of sunshine on more snow have definitely cheered me up. For my Rainbow Scrap Challenge batik blocks I finished the red and the yellow blocks, seven of each.

I also made the yellow 8-inch improv block.

Now for something new and exciting. I have accumulated a bag of little scraps, not nearly as many as some of you industrious folks have in your stash. When I looked through them, I realized that I had basically two color types. There are the bright colors and the muted colors. After working with color for many years, I know that they work best separately. So I took the time to sort them into two boxes.

As you can see in the box of muted scraps, quite a few have already been stitched into pairs. This was from an abandoned project way back. So my next step will be to begin stitching those pairs into larger pieces. I’ve decided to go for 12-inch finished blocks.

This is really a fun project for me. I love working on something to see where it ends up without any planning ahead. Check with me next week to see what’s happened. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you friends have got going.

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13 thoughts on “Moving Ahead

  1. That’s a really good sorting technique. I’ve lumped all my multi-colored scraps (that don’t fit a particular color family) into one basket. Time to separate them and do some improv piecing like you’re doing. Now to just find time to squeeze it in!!


    1. Thanks, Cathy. Those multicolor ones I’ve always been a problem for me not knowing where to put them. This way it’s easy to sort them either Bright or muted. I’m having fun today piecing all of the muted scraps together for a wallhanging.


  2. A little sunshine is always good for the sole! It makes our mood brighten and is energizing! I’m sure you will come up with something amazing with those scraps. There are lots of possibilities !


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