Two Forward, One Back

For my first post of 2019 I’ve so far begun two projects. The first one I’ve joined in the One Monthly Goal for completing the top, as it appeared there last week.

This is another row quilt for Project Linus, using black and white charm packs along with solid colors. However, I got off to a bad start by piecing it without an overall plan in mind. This row had twelve blocks, at 54 inches too long for the 50×60 inch fleece backing. By chopping off two blocks it is now about 44 inches wide, requiring only 80 charms instead of 96. Whew, time saved.

However, I made the mistake of adding the black sashing on three rows without taking into account the dark/light positions. Two steps back right there, ripping and splicing to clear up my mistakes. Here are my markings for reworking the strips.

So, with the mistakes fixed, I played it safe by piecing dark/light pairs before doing any further damage.

One step at a time seems to be my speed these days.

The second project is my first Rainbow Scrap Challenge block, an 8-inch scrappy improv block in red. I plan on at least one or two more types of blocks each month.

I’m excited to see what everybody’s going to be doing this year with RSC19 and all the other plans and challenges ahead.

I’m linking up with Angela at Cynthia at

17 thoughts on “Two Forward, One Back

  1. I love the simple but so effective design of the Linus quilt, a great way of using up the charms and so effective too. Loving your improv, it’s always an adventure watching to see how you put things together.


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