Waterfront Property

This quilt started out as two groups of totally unrelated blocks made just for the fun of it.

The houses came about by trying to make them as simply as possible out of pre-cuts. I had seen many versions online, but they all involved too many fiddly details like chimneys or windows. I had a large stash of charm squares and jelly roll strips., so this was the result of my experiment:

The other shortcut was the use of flip triangles for the roof. I also enjoyed searching in my stash for cute inhabitants or interesting textures for the walls. The result was a pretty good collection of houses, but no plan to use them.

The other fun blocks were the sailboats. Sailing was one of the best experiences of my younger years. My Norwegian uncle had sailed all his life and owned a succession of boats after retirement. We went sailing all around the waters of the Rhode Island coast with no sound but the ripples of water and the wind in the sails. It was both peaceful and exciting depending on the weather.

Several of you online friends were also making little boats at the same time. Sorry, I don’t recall your names, but I really enjoyed our sailing journey.

My boats are also easily made using 2-1/2 inch strips and flip triangle. I did not have any project in mind for these boats.

Finally I decided to use the houses and the boats for a strip quilt. The major problem was spacing them out to make WOF rows. Adding trees between the houses worked pretty well. The dividing strips became sky and grass or sea water.

Naturally, as with most of my quilts, it got put on the shelf and forgotten. These last few months I’ve been trying to get some UFOs finished. So today I pulled the top out and added the white border.

Here is the waterfront neighborhood ready to be layered and quilted. It will probably be a Project Linus donation, so I may decide to use a fleece backing and bind it in a contrasting color.

It’s really a good feeling to finish some projects before the New Year. I hope you all have the chance to do that in addition to all the holiday bustle.

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

14 thoughts on “Waterfront Property

  1. Paula, you’ve stitched up the view from my studio!! We’re usually surrounded by sailboats, and often admire the fine homes on the waterfront. I’m sure if I got out my binoculars and peered in the windows I could see the monkeys and elephants 🙂


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