Shades of Turquoise

I’ve been thinking about making a wallhanging for a Challenge involving texture. Furthermore, my personal goal is to see how much texture I can produce using only regular quilting cottons.

I’ve had a bundle of fat quarters sitting around for at least five years. There are at least twenty of them in shades of aqua/turquoise. Before they start to disintegrate, this will put them to good use.

I worked with them for hours, attempting to narrow them down to a graded group of less than ten. I used the grey scale choice on my photo editing in order to work it out. After a lot of changes, this is the result.

It’s definitely not perfect, with the jump from lights to darks, however this was a good exercise in grey scale awareness and the importance of contrast.

So these are my final seven choices, looking a lot better in color, even though I had to mix green and blue tones to do it. There is plenty of time to revise my choices.

Of course this is a long way from a textured piece. More about that as I progress.

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13 thoughts on “Shades of Turquoise

  1. Rebecca Grace

    Lovely color scheme and I’m intrigued by your texture challenge! Will all of the texture be achieved through quilting or are you planning to do some manipulation of the fabric prior to layering it? You know, like shirring or pleating some of the fabric prior to piecing it to flat pieces?


  2. I think I had that same FQ bundle (Kona?) that I made the “What Cancer Cannot Do” quilt out of about 3 years ago. You’ve selected a lovely grouping and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do! Meantime, I’ve got my fingers crossed that this comment will go through. I’ve had some real problems with blogs from about 3 RSC’ers – I can’t leave comments. More likely it’s my ipad not talking to Google (etc).


    1. I did get your comment,obviously. I’m on WordPress now, so you are getting through to me at least. However I really don’t like WordPress yet, too many complications. The Endeavourers challenge isn’t due until February 1 anyhow.


  3. I don’t know anything about textured piece but I know a lot about color and value 😀 Those fabric choices are lovely and they do have enough value variation. I am looking forward to what you make with them.


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