Flowers in Winter

Not long ago I received an email from Mari, The Academic Quilter, offering me a group of floral fabrics. I was delighted by her kind gesture and even more so when I received her package. They are all color coordinated and so very pretty. They varied in size from,fat quarters to about a yard.

I wasn’t quite sure how to use them, so they sat where I could see them. Last week I was continuing my fabric purge and came across a group of 4-1/2 by 6-1/2 inch batiks from a fabric exchange at our Monona Quilters group. No idea how long they have been tucked away, at least a year. The colors blended very nicely with Mari’s fabrics.

This is how they looked after I stitched them into rows of seven for a some 42-inch strips. I plan to make a top by mixing both groups into a row quilt, one of my favorites. There will be plenty of extra pieces to make a coordinated backing. I have some 50×60 battings for the quilt.

An unexpected but very welcome project. I’ll keep you posted soon.

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11 thoughts on “Flowers in Winter

  1. Lovely fabrics, all! They should all work beautifully together. It’s interesting that you’re working with florals. I’d just this week pulled out two old rose-print fabrics, added some coordinating tone-on-tones and have a small squirrelly project planned (with a particular block pattern) for hopefully December or January. All Hail King Squirrel!!


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